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everything all right (2021-05-15)
unkomplicated shipping to Germany.

Markus - DE
Perfect! (2020-11-16)
It came fast, and will be a perfect gift for my Indiana Jones obsessed brother! Looks just like the movie holster.

Brenna - CA
Nice piece (2020-10-13)
Very nice piece, thick quality leather. It’s a little big for my .38 Special, but I knew that when ordering. Overall very satisfied.

Gary - US
Excellent item and service (2020-09-11)
I love this Indy's the second one I've purchased, and would recommend it to anyone.

Dawkins - US
Well done holster for Smith .45 (2020-05-19)
Perfect for a S&W Model 22! Holster fits the gun exactly, and has a wonderful retro appeal. The leather is surprisingly very heavy for the offer price, and seems well stitched and finished. There was a bit extra glue coming up and out of the loop on the back, but this is not visible from the business side. Nicely executed, especially for the price.

Tallarovic - US
Great quality (2018-09-16)
Very happy with the holster. Looks fantastic and is screen accurate for those concerned. The holster is extremely well made. With strong 8-9 oz leather and stitched together properly. It also features a cap at the end which gives added rigidity. Highly recommend to all Indy fans and others out there.

Jake - US
Holster (2018-08-06)
Great holster good quality Craftsman ship and materials.

Zack - Idaho
amazing (2018-05-20)
very great good, impressive product, my revolver s&w and my are happy

lopez - CL
Good quality, fast delivery (2016-09-27)
Fits my S&W 4" N frame like a glove. Good quality leather too.

Hebner - US
Indy Holster (2016-07-27)
This holster showed up in no time at all and I have to say that it is an amazing replica. Great craftsmanship and it will look great with my Indianan Jones costume.

Mark - Yukon, Canada
Great Item (2016-07-12)
This looks great with the Indy costume, but it's very practical as well. My Taurus .357 mag with 4" barrel fits in this holster very nicely.

Page - US
fast delivery (2016-03-01)
Item delivered as promised/advertised.

galbraith - US
Indiana Jones (British Military style Holster) (2015-09-11)
Recieved excellant holster and will work well with my Uberti Schofield mdl. with 3" bll*. Thanks for offering this unique and handsome holster.
* the frame and pivot design of the Schofield is similar to Webley's design and requires the additional room offered by these holsters. Ironicaly the U.S. Military holsters which are supposed to fit both Schofield and Colt 1873 barely fit the former.
I would like a British style holster for my long barreled 7" Shofield as well. Thanks again!

James - US
Holster (2015-04-23)
Nice holster. Seems very well made with thick leather. I intend to use it for reenacting. The shipping from Dubai was incredibly fast. It came within 4 days. Thanks.

Fross  - US
Indiana Jones Raiders Leather Holster (2015-04-01)
Excellent quality and fast shipping. Awesome!

Brown - CA
4" Flap Holster (2014-11-22)
A superb holster for the large framed Webley if it has a 4" Barrel - very good fit achieved.
I intend mine for reenactment use with a British Impression so I was obliged to dye mine down to dark brown - the result is a classy quality looking and very hard wearing item.

Craig - GB
Indiana Jones Raiders Leather Holster (2013-12-16)
Excellent quality, item as advertised, very fast shipping and priced right - a great deal!

Schuessler - US
Nice Raiders Replica (2013-11-26)
This is a sturdy cowhide holster reminiscent of surplus flap holsters for the 1911 pistol. It's nice and stiff, and is ready for break-in. It has a smooth finish, and the color is accurate.

My only concern is that the cut from the fastening hole nearest the end of the strap may be needlessly long. As seen in the photo, it extends nearly to the second hole, which concerns me that it could eventually tear through.

One star withheld only for TBD durability.

Frank - US
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