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Excellent (2017-04-03)
Great quality and a good fit.
Many thanks - definitely would go the WPG again.

Price - IE
belt pack (2014-05-20)
very well made. you must have an in with the original makers. hhahah.
seriously, very nice down to the brass which is very close to the original. thank you

pellerin pierre - CA
Canadian 1916 Pattern Haversack (2014-05-20)
Good quality, matches everything else I have.

MacMullen - US
Haversack (2014-04-24)
Just arrived from the US. Looks as the original, very nice repro.I-Pad fits great :-)

papendrecht - NL
Canadian 1916 Pattern Haversack (2014-01-06)
I can't even begin to imagine how this piece of webbing is fastened to anything. It has more obverse buckles, straps and materials that I ever seen. All I wanted was a small pack to hang of off a web belt. Instead, I have a truss system worthy of the Royal Engineers "Bailey bridge".

MacMullen - US
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