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perfect (2020-03-23)
Nicely made. Extremely fast shipping. It works perfectly for what it was intended.

Bertram - US
Great Quality (2019-08-27)
Great quality item, fits perfectly with the haversack.

Jonathan - Texas
Looks Like a 1902 Exactly (2019-05-11)
This sling will be used on my original US Army canteen whose leather sling rotted out ages ago. Once stained black it will look just like the original did in 1902. I am delighted.

Kania - US
Slingtastic! (2019-03-26)
Can't wait to dye mine for my Span Am impression!

Hillring - US
Perfect! (2019-02-26)
Best reenacting gear available!

David - US
exelent (2018-09-02)
Excellent reproduction, and very fast delivery.

Volenik - DE
Pleased.... (2018-05-09)
Very nice quality strap, perfect for the British .455 Colt Automatic holster. Fast shipping too boot!😊

Shouse - US
Fast Delivery-Great Product (2017-12-22)
The sling was as advertised. I am very happy with it.

Williamson - US
very nice repro (2017-12-21)
Looks good and like the natural finish.

Hagge - US
Perfect. (2017-10-11)
A superb reproduction! Nice indeed!

Burduck - US
Excellent! (2017-05-09)
Authentic appearing repro, well constructed and delivery time was fairly prompt. I didn't know it was being sent separately from the haversack I ordered but they promptly replied to my email to inform me of that.

DocCasualty - Northern MI, USA
Fast (2016-10-05)
GREAT ++++

Canteen/haversack sling (2016-04-17)
This is my second sling it is to be used on my canteen. 1900 regulations stated that the haversack sling would now be issued for use for both the haversack, and the canteen.

Mick - Northern Arizona
Haversack sling (2016-02-23)
-Jerry rec'd the haversack sling. Very nice, and it will work nicely, and historically correct for my 1898 canteen.
See you on the border.

Mick - Arizona
Great quality!! Great service and delivery (2016-02-09)
Great reproduction and will be used often.

Paul - US
GREAT Repro Haversack Sling (2016-01-26)
Great repro haversack sling; made from strong leather & high quality brass hooks. Leather is *slightly* thicker than my originals; but that's just an observation, certainly not a complaint. Stripped it down with rubbing alcohol, then oiled it, and the sling is PERFECT! This is the only authorized repro haversack sling of my Philippine-American War reenacting unit, the 1st Tennessee/37th U.S. Volunteers.

Jedediah the GyroCaptain - Northern Illinois
Excellent (2015-12-31)

Soellner - US
haversack sling (2015-04-16)
This is the second one I've bought, and it is just as nice as the first one. I've oiled both and they look amazing. Very nice reproduction and good quality leather and fasteners. Fast shipping as always.

Steve - US
Haversack sling (2015-04-16)
Really nice leather and is cut exactly as originals.

Zaricor - US
Haversack sling (2014-12-08)
Third time ordering,third time finished with" fiebings"
Third time satisfied

Bo Germany

Kreil - DE
5 (2014-06-26)
Best quality at a very good price - and the very best: delivery lasted only some days from USA to Germany. Did you beam it??

Schertler - DE
Haversack sling (2014-05-28)
After finishing with "Fiebings ",well done replica.Hooks are soldered as per originals.Fits a lot of Indian,Spanish american war equipment. More off that time stuff..... Bo /Germany

Kreil - DE
Haversack sling (2014-05-12)
Accurate reproduction. Quality leather used. Good attention to detail. I like the fact that the leather was left undyed.

Hawkwood - VT
Very well done (2014-04-28)
Compares favorable with my original. I was surprised to see that the knife and fork inserts were included as well as ration bags.

Buffington - US
Great! (2014-04-28)
The service was superb! Honestly, I could not make these for double the asking price. There's more than $15 worth hardware in these. Well done. I don't think they'll ever wear our even with hard use.

Buffington - US
Haversack strap (2013-10-30)
Excellent reproduction!

Bob - Texas