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Great Products and Service (2021-04-12)
Good piece of kit for loose rounds, small mags, some 1st Aid, small torch and batteries, or tinder box/fire kit.

Setlock - US
Fast Delivery- Good Quality (2021-03-02)
This ammo pouch was delivered quickly, and is of good quality, especially in the softness of the leather. It fits snug on my Sam Browne belt, but I'm sure will get better over time, and at least it's not jiggling about on the belt.

Baldwin - US
Good size (2020-12-06)
Nicely made and it will fit two Browning Hi-Power magazines. Great addition to my Sam Browne, also bought here.

Derek - US
Nice pouch (2019-04-11)
Using this pouch on my Sam Browne Belt,easily holds 4 six round speed loaders for my old Smith and Wesson M&P.

Radford - US
Sam Brown ammo pouch. (2018-08-06)
Top quality ammo. Leather and craftmanship top notch!!!! Will last year's to come

Zack - Idaho
Great quality (2017-11-09)
As with all the WPG products I have ordered, this one is really nice....and with all new leather, it got a good coating of extra virgin olive oil both inside and out before I flexed it it a smooth chocolate color....great products and service...Geo B

Bradshaw - US
Sturdy, quick shipping! (2017-10-31)
Well-stitched pouch out of good leather. Fits my Sam Browne belt perfectly.

You consistently ship to my front door from the other side of the planet in a couple days--when other vendors a couple states away can't get me stuff in a month.

Well done!

Pelikan - US
splendid (2016-09-16)
A well constructed pouch. The double stitching on the back was helpful as I placed this onto an 08 officers webset which is slightly wider than the sambrowne belt, by slicing through just the inner row of stiches. Dark Browne shoe dye helped the match to my original leather holster. Very reliable delivery times.

gunson - NZ
ammo pouches sam browne belt (2015-07-13)
Super, many thanks

UK Sam Browne ammo pouch (2014-12-15)
The quality and workmanship of this pouch rivals originals except the leather is a little thinner than on my original pouch. There was an obvious stain on the front flap of the one I received, obviously a production defect as the inside flap was also similarly marked. Can I suggest better quality control at the supplier AND at the warehouse before sending items please? both at the suppli

fawkes - AU
WW1 Sam Browne Ammo Pouch. (2014-11-22)
The shape - construct - and materials of this item are just first class - quality leather strong and hard wearing. For a WW1 Impression it needs considerably darkening to match the hue of most Sam Browne's - the result of so dying results in a beatiful looking item - originals of which are now extremely rare.
Nice one !

Craig - GB
Beautifully made! (2014-10-07)
A perfect rendition! Jerry, thank you for providing such high quality products! The leather and details are beautiful!

Ray - US
Sam Browne ammo pouch (improved run) (2014-10-02)
Nicely done, and a great value; stout but flexible.

Ryder - US
Uk Sam Browne Ammo Pouch (2014-09-22)
Brilliant product with the best quality leather. Fantastic product for a fantastic price. With a bit of work, spit and polish, it comes up just as well as an original item.

Jamie - Northern Ireland
Ammo pouch (2014-07-10)
Great quality as always

Fenech - MT
UK Sam Browne Ammo Pouch (Improved Run) (2014-01-24)
Great product! These pouches are a quality deal at this price. As always WPG''s customer service can''t be beat.

Brian - USA