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Super (2021-07-27)
Era lo que me faltaba para mí outfit de Raiders

lagos - CL
Nice piece (2020-10-13)
The only issue I had with the belt was that the pins and glue for the whip strap started to come undone very quickly, I just used some gorilla glue and that seems to have fixed it.

Gary - US
Quality leather (2018-03-18)
The belt looks great and is very well made. My only issue is thatvI wish I ordered a larger size.

Tinka - US
Great quality and fast delivery (2017-12-27)
Belt is real leather, looks great, and came quickly. The whip holster locks up tight and won't drop the whip unexpectedly.

Lally - US
Incredible speed of shipping! (2017-08-23)
Nice leather, great hardware. Well made

Penny - US
Great items and customer aervice (2016-09-27)
Belt is well made and the buckle and keeper are as close to what I see on film as I can find. Great price and arrived quickly. Belt color is a little off but a quick strip and dye and it looks incredible.

Cybertrek - US
Very Durable & Strong (2016-08-08)
The belt is very well made. The snap on the whip holder is well designed; as it will only unsnap in one direction to prevent accidental unsnapping.

David - USA
Great Belt! (2016-07-27)
I was amazed with the good quality of this belt. It looks great and very well crafted and it got here in no time at all.

Mark - Yukon, Canada
Great Item (2016-07-12)
Looks great with Indy costume. The leather is a little lightly colored, although with some leather conditioner, it darkens a little.

Page - US
Indy belt (2016-05-15)
The color is too bright and the whip holder button is very hard to snap closed.

Ungar - US
belt (2015-12-30)
great belt good deal

Thomas - US
Indiana Jones gun blet with whip holster (2015-09-11)
Great belt made of sturdy quality leather Looking forward to distressing it through trail use and wearing it this October!

Manchester - US
Mr (2015-06-29)
Great quality belt,arrived in less than a week.Very satisfied.

Pecko - UK
Great quality belt (2015-04-05)
Very sturdy and well made belt. I am very pleased with it.

Zimmerman - US
Raiders of the Lost Ark Belt (2014-09-16)
Great quality belt. Well made and accurate design. Thanks.

Mowery - US
Indiana Jones style Belt (2014-08-20)
Good Quality Belt and Whip Holster for Indy fans

Gibson - GB
Awesome! (2014-07-03)
Can''t even begin to say how happy I am with this belt! The fact that it comes with a whip holster is a BIG plus!

Also, shipping was really quick too!

Luis - Los Angeles, CA
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