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Fast Delivery, as always (2021-07-19)
Fast delivery, as is the custom for WPG orders. The bottle is exactly what you'd expect, and was exactly as it is pictured.

Allen - US
Very nice indeed...... (2020-10-08)
My water bottle arrived in good time and is of the same great quality as every other item I've purchased from, to get, Jerry, to produce a line of quality Great War (early and mid-war) French Officers & Enlisted uniforms and individual pieces, such as:

la Capote (Greatcoat)
la Pantalon-Culottes (Culotte-Trousers)
les Bandes Molletières (Leggings)
la Chemise (Shirt)
le Caleçon (Underdrawers)
la Cravate (Neck Tie)
le Ceinture de Flanelle (Flannel Waist-Wrap)
les Chausettes (Socks)
les Bretelles (Suspenders

There are literally no sites in the US that produce WW1 French uniforms and/or individual pieces and almost none anywhere else in the world. And what is available is of a great variety of hit and miss at best!

Shouse - US
Super Nice (2020-02-12)
The best you can get.

Faltesek - US
WWI water bottle (2019-09-06)
A great copy; it's just one of the many styles that was produced during and after the war. The cover is so-so (synthetic wool maybe?), but where else are you gonna get one of these especially for the price?

Steve - NC, USA
Quick delivery, well made. (2019-05-12)
Cork is a bit large, but that's nothing a pocket knife can't fix.

Valente - CA
FAST shipping! GREAT quality! (2018-09-20)
Quality item from an outstanding dealer!

Bowers - US
Decent copy (2018-08-11)
I showed this to a WW1 collector friend and he said that it would be welcome in his house, althoigh he did point out the incorrect top shape.

Ric - UK
Fast (2017-04-27)
Dear wpg.each item is right.thanks for all friends.

Mickael - FR
Wool is warm... stay hydrated! (2017-01-02)
Talk about a great looking and practical piece of kit! The khaki felt was stitched perfectly, the cork was just right as well. Pair this with the leather carrier and you are ready to go. If you do a lot of talking and educating and/or pontificating, this is a must-have!

Ward  - US
Excellent (2016-11-07)
Great reproduction and something I'd actually drink from! So glad some one is making these.

Rohan - AU
Great stuff (2016-05-23)
Excellent product for reenactors who actually use the water bottle to drink from!

Ewen - CA
UK WWI Style Water Bottle (2015-12-30)
Very glad to find the correct type of water bottle for WWI. The cork fits well and kept the water contained even through assaults on the German trenches. I now have two of these.

Brent - Ohio, USA
Water Bottle WWI (2015-12-21)
Dear WPG,

Fabulous service unexpectedly fast delivery, high quality product.
Positive reaction from others.

Price - IE
UK Mk VI Water Bottles (Blue) (2015-05-01)
Purchased on Monday and received 4 days later. As noted by others, it's a very tight fit in the 1903 webbing, and the cork is oversized. Stitching is flawless. Blue enamel is much darker than originals I have seen. Overall, very happy with the product & the service.

Armitage - AU
Cdn/British WW1 Waterbottles (2014-11-14)
Cover is not same Khaki as unfiforms. Have not assembled cork yet so don't no if it fits. Came in good order though. Thx.

Moll - CA
British water bottle (2014-10-02)
Nicely done; cork oversized, but that's easily corrected.

Ryder - US
Decent, not quite there yet... (2014-10-01)
The water bottle cover was poorly stitched and the water bottle itself was similar to my original like a tea cup is to a coffee mug. close but not quite right.

Richardson - US
UK Mk VI Water Bottles (Blue) (2014-07-22)
Will totally suit my march out kit. Great product.

R Pike - AU
5th Otago Mounted Rifles (2014-07-04)
Well made and looks great in the Mounted Rifles leather carrier.

Godwin - NZ
Good as a standby (2014-06-06)
Good quality blue enamel canteen supplied in wool cover. Some work possibly for the shape of the top as it is more remenicent of an earlier british canteens for victorian bits

denton - GB
UK Mk Vi Water Bottle (2014-05-15)
Looks very correct, fully functional.

Watkins - CA
Great (2014-03-11)
Great reproduction, well made and looks good!

Robson - GB