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very happy (2022-06-03)
First class and very comfortable on board my show jumper.

Field - NL
Excellent quality. (2022-01-09)
Ww1 British officer breeches. These are a high quality product made with excellent workmanship. The level of detail is amazing. They look great. Really pleased with my order. Will really add authenticity to my impression. They arrived quickly too. Very happy.

Todd - UK
Excellent quality and super fast delivery (2022-01-09)
Jerry Lee and WPG continue in their tradition of excellent products and fast delivery. I cannot speak higher about the quality of the whipcord tunic and Bedford breaches.
Thank you

Daniel Copeland - Canada
Better even that I'd expected! (2022-01-05)
These are absolutely spot-on. The cut is perfect, and the material is really heavy, hard-wearing Bedford twill. After a few years of service at events, you could probably pass these off as original. Recommended.

Nigel - Brit in France
Great quality (2021-11-24)
Very well made as i do own an original pair ww2, but the colour on the original pair is very light almost white and does not match the tunic but these do.

harding - AU
Fast delivery (2021-09-22)
Good deal, thanks

Kaleczyc - PL
Quality product and service. (2021-07-13)
I received my Bedford cord breeches just a few days after ordering them. I’m impressed by the quality of the material and construction. The fit is also excellent. I ordered my “natural waist” size (around the navel), and the breeches fit really well.

Dunn - US
Well made, good fitting (2021-04-21)
The waist and leg measurement was great, a little big in the calves bur not problem, they look great for the period and tough as iron.

Pitts - US
Fast delivery (2021-04-06)
Very pleased. Nice fit. Great quality.

Tasker - UK
British Officer Bedford cord breeches (2020-10-10)
These are excellent.Very well made and very smart. Wore them out riding today; greatly admired by friends who wanted to know where I got them.In view of other comments about sizing I checked with Wajed who gave prompt measuring instructions .Ordered my usual 34 inch waist and 34 long inside leg. I am a 16 inch calf and they fit perfectly. Usual speedy, trouble -free delivery.
Highly recommended.

Paul - UK
Quite Satisfied But Extensive Tailoring Needed (2020-03-17)
These breeches were received about 1 week after ordering, and the material is excellent. There were, however, thread ends hanging off these breeches everywhere. Not a big deal, but this indicates a lack of attention to detail. Also, my waist measures 39” so I ordered a size 40, but the waist of these breeches actually measures 42”, so I needed to have them tailored. If you are between sizes, I would highly recommend that you go down to the next nearest size, rather than up. Also, the calves are wide enough to comfortably accept the legs of a large hippopotamus! I understand that with the preponderance of morbidly obese people in our society, fat legs are much more of a problem than they ever were in the past, and that these breeches calves’ can be tightened up. I also know that if there’s no extra cloth and they’re too tight, you can’t fix them, but I have very muscular legs and I still needed to get between 2 and 3 inches removed from each calf. So, if you have very fat legs, then these are the breeches for you!

That said, I hope my review doesn’t sound too negative since the material is very nice, I like the overall cut as it’s not too pegged (as many of the non-stretch breeches are these days), overall construction seems very good, and colour is excellent. It is just frustrating if you’re big and muscular but not fat, since Jerry’s larger sizes seem to be cut for the morbidly obese, not just those who are active. I have one of his khaki drill bush jackets which I love, but that I had to have about 7” tailored out of the waist. It could still use another 4” or so but because of the cut, that’s all that the waist could be reduced without it affecting the cut of the whole thing. Incidentally, my chest-waist drop is 6” so it’s not extreme like some body builders would have. Overall though, WPG stuff is excellent, just make sure you have a good tailor if you like things to fit properly!

R B J F - CA
quality definitely super (2020-02-09)
Breeches in great quality; color and structure top.
fast delivery.
High recommend - bravo.

Superb item (2019-03-19)
I was amazed to find these breeches on line, they are exactly what I was looking for. They seem to be perfect for WW1 British Officer impression. They are well constructed, a good fit and excellent quality, regardless of price, which is, in my opinion, very reasonable.
Delivery was very fast and trackable, ( although it was not really effective until reaching country of destination)
Wajed Malik in the UAE, was fantastically helpfull, sending me all the answers I needed about sizes by return, and actually measuring them for me.
A bit more information about each product would be useful, but you can find most answers in the reviews.
All in all I am delighted with the breeches, and the efficiency of the company, and the range of products.
I did get charged import duty on these, which in France, follows no rhyme or reason, sometimes you do and sometimes not, but worth bearing in mind, depending on your countries regulations.
I would 100% recommend these breeches.

Kaye - FR
Superb, Perfect product (2019-03-15)
Perfect, amazing quality, and seem very authentic. The sizing is spot on, I take a 36, and they are 36! I don’t understand why so many people say they are too large or too small, perhaps they need to check their measurements before ordering. I asked Malik to double check the waist size and he came back immediately, they are as he said.
Delivery less than 1 week, but tracking not very good until it reached country of destination, then it tracked perfectly.
If you are trying to do a British Ww1 Officer impression, these are an absolute must.

Brian - France
Excellent Quality (2019-01-07)
This is a very well constructed pair of breeches and the fit and cut is done beautifully. Material is also excellent. They are high waisted which is also wonderful. I modified them a bit with the removal of the belt loops and replacement of the slide fastener for the fly with a button and buttonhole. Well done.

Moncrief - US
Nice product (2018-11-02)
Really well done!

Hargis - US
Top Quality (2018-04-04)
Top quality all round and authentic in detail.

As others have mentioned though, sizes are very generous. I ordered 42 knowing it was at the widest I ever gotten to and it would be a bit big but it was closer to 44 and was swimming on me. Probably should have gone 40 or even 38.

Can't knock the quality though, absolutely spot on.

Redimon - AU
WW! BReeches (2017-12-11)
good qauility and fit with quick delivery

Tyas - UK
Excellent (2017-10-05)
Well made, and will become part of a Royal Flying Corps representation for 2018.

Roberts - GB
As good as it gets (2017-10-03)
I've been riding horses for most of my adult life. I've shopped nearly every equestrian catalog out there. These Officer Bedford Cord Breeches are superb in color, craftsmanship, style and fit. You'd be lucky to find similar style and quality in even the most exclusive equestrian shop,and they wouldn't compare in historical/period accuracy. Additionally, anything approaching this item's quality would cost you three to four times the price. These are fabulous!

Robert - Texas
fast as ever (2017-08-07)
brilliant service and updated

Veal - UK
Great stuff usual (2017-07-18)
I had the previous model as well. These are far better finished and far better sized. Delivery is now lightning fast to New Zealand. Always improving. Great stuff mate !

Piglia - NZ
BACK IN STOCK! (2017-07-17)
So happy these have returned--the detail is lovely, and the fabric can be so hard to find. I have one pair already, and they wear great. Thanks to Wajed and Jerry for their great service.

Myers - US
Perfect! (2017-07-16)
I had waited until these were available again, and I'm glad I did. These fit like tailored to me, which is unusual for on line purchasing. Great material and great workmanship.

Ragan - US
Damn Good Breeches (2016-06-29)
I've wanted a new pair of Riding Breeches for some time and I'm so glad I choose these. The fit is perfect and they are really comfortable. Again, WPG has produced a quality product!

Beard - Texas, US
Good customer service (2016-05-03)
Had to return a pair for a smaller size, these were great. Speedy and pleasant experience.

VanVliet - US
Great service (2016-02-09)
The fit and quality is second to none, and they were delivered within10 days from ordering. I shall definitely be ordering again.

pearce - UK
WWI Beford Cord Breeches (2016-01-18)
Fit is very good and a quality made product available no where else on the open market that I am aware. Little nip and tuck may be required for custom fit.

Jack - USA
JMHO (2015-12-10)
Received in 4 days from Dubai. Cant get much better than that. The quality of the fabric is very good along with workmanship and details. The trousers do have two front slash pockets which is good. It wasn't mentioned in the description so thought I would just throw that in. Very good, next that shawl sweater I have been looking for!!

Bedford Officer Chord Breeches (2015-07-18)
The tracked and well informed carriage of these goods from WPG is both accurate, secure and reassuring. Better still is this item itself. These breeches are of the highest quality at an exceptionally good price. Note. Order the size that you are because the sizing is very accurate. Any bigger they will too big. Any smaller they will too small but there is provision for adjustment and a good tailor can do this easily. WPG go to great lengths to make these items very accurate reproductions of the originals, so great credit to them and the makers for achieving this.

nicholls - GB
British Officer Bedford Cord Breeches (2015-06-26)
I've been looking for this style of bedford cord wool breeches for years, and with these, it's been worth the wait. Color, material, workmanship, design - all excellent. Plus Jerry's customer service is truly outstanding. A+

Petitgirard - US
British Officer Bedford Cord Breeches (2015-05-09)
Absolutely spot on. Great fit and outstanding quality. Delivery speed also super.

Furey-King - UK
Exactly what I wanted. (2015-03-30)
These are fantastic! Highly recommend, great quality!

Werner - US
Mr (2015-03-18)
With ANZAC Day coming up, this order has completed my Light Horse officers uniform which I will be using during the Dawn Service It has meet my expectations Thank You for assistance

Gow - AU
Great Product Yet again !! (2015-02-14)
What can one say but they are perfect for what I want . The waist sizes could do with coming down a 36 " but to be honest I am a 34 " waist and with a belt the 38" fit quite well .
Thanks again WPG !!

Evans - UK
Very Good ! (2015-02-14)
These are spot-on in colour, fabric weave and detail..........I'm a 36-37" waist but found the Size 38" ordered (the smallest available) far too large and probably nearer a 40"......but not an issue for me and waist soon altered to my correct size.........I also replaced the lower leg laces for thinner cord as some of the metal eyelets caused threading difficulties for the laces supplied...again, not a real issue..........some on here have mentioned the lower legs to be a tad tight.......well, I'm tall and slim and found the legs too by 1/2" and the other by at least an inch ! They were obviously not sewn/cut to the same size......but I removed the lower leg edging, took in the seams by the required amount, replaced the lower-edging and re-positioned the perfect......! I really like these breeches......they are the correct colour and style and compliment my WW1 outfits very well........another winner here Jerry ! Thank you.

Steve - UK
Beford Cord Breeches (2014-11-16)
I have "linebacker" legs and the fit on the calves is "snug." My wife is going to move the buttons over half an inch to get a more comfortable lower leg fit. Otherwise these are well done.

Kambic - US
Great Breeches (2014-10-31)
I was worried that there would be no breech in them as per the BD's but I was very happy to be proved wrong. The waist runs true with plenty of room, in fact I ordered the next size up which was a mistake. They look great on too.

Lord - GB
Bedford Cord Breeches (2014-10-14)
These are exceptional. I don't know how he does it. As the weather cools I'll be riding in these several times a week. All of WPG mounted breeches are working very well for me. I would say these are museum grade or equal to originals.

Jon - US
British Officer Bedford Cord Breeches (2014-09-22)
Brilliant breeches in all aspects. They fit like a glove and are very comfortable. Slightly tight around the calfs, however this is easily righted by moving the buttons an inch or so. I was surprised when they arrived as in the photograph they are green, however the ones I received are actually almost a grey/cream color, which is exactly what I had been looking for before settling for the green ones in the photograph.

Suggestions: Calf maximum sizes are 15 inches, perhaps a range of bigger sizes would be worthwhile. Also, an option box for either green or grey/cream breeches should be available so customers can specify their choice when ordering.

Overall, brilliant item. First class quality, identical to originals. Great value for money.

Jamie - Northern Ireland
LTC (2014-09-11)
Very well constructed. They look great!

Harrington - US
bedford cord breeches (2014-09-11)
You've hit a home run with these breeches--easily a "5". I have previously ordered the cotton breeches and the 1908 pattern breeches and these fit the best. They look like they were tailored by a bespoke tailor on Saville Row! Well made, have all the correct details including a watch pocket. Good show!

Kohn - US
British Officer Bedford Cord Breeches (2014-08-15)
I am very pleased with the breeches. They fit very well, especially around the lower leg. The previous breeches I have bought from you were too big around the calf and I have had them taken in. I use the breeches for riding my horses and they are hard wearing and different from the crap you can buy in the saddlery shops.

Field - NL
Mike Kilgore (2014-08-15)
Received the breeches before the shipment was even posted on the web! You can't beat that for service.

The breeches are of good quality and the 36" waist runs true. They will go nicely with the RFC maternity tunic I purchased earlier the year. I wear a 34" inseam and the legs are long enough.

The only issue, and it is a minor one, is the fit around the calves. As stated in the product description, they will fit up to 15" calves, but just.

Due to the taper at the bottom, the buttons must be moved or left unbuttoned in order to fit around my lower calf. Be sure of your calf size before ordering.

Unlike a knit the material does not stretch.

Well done Jerry and WPG staff.

Kilgore - US
Incredible! (2014-08-10)
Fantastic fabric and construction! superfast shipping, fits great, order one size up for proper fit-

R. - USA
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