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excellent quality and fit (2022-07-24)
Just received WPGs Boer War tunic. An excellent product. When WPG said it would be a 38 it was a 38 (not a bit larger or smaller). The sleeves were exactly the right length. The only thing I now have to do is to convert the stand and fall collar to a stand collar - an easy fix. Congratulations WPG!

Simmons - US
Fast delivery (2022-05-23)
Items received many Thanks. Will look great with our Boer War impressions. Quality products. Great customer service.

Binns - AU
Good Repro (2022-01-06)
Very nicely made frock/tunic. Only downside is the stand & fall collar needs to be changed to a stand collar.
Other than that, it looks great and is a fantastic price.

Lewis - UK
Good Repro (2022-01-06)
Very nicely made and fitting frock/tunic. Only downside is the Collar needs to be changed from a stand & fall collar to a stand collar. Other than that, it looks great and is a fantastic price.

Lewis - UK
Boer War Tunic (2021-06-26)
Great reproduction. Sizes exact. Well made. Very happy.

Powell - AU
Great repro (2018-05-07)
A great, well-made, sturdy repro. Contrary to what some say, in my experience, fit is also also true to size.

Piergiorgio - Italy
Good stuff (2017-10-23)
Tunic fit is good for me. I'm 5'-10" and the sleeves are ok. Looks well made, and it's priced right!

Henry A. - US
great (2017-10-03)
great thank you

turnbull - AU
Quality and Grest Service (2017-04-15)
Amazing delivery speed. The quality excellent

Max - AU
Excellent Kit (2017-02-20)
As usual your service is excellent and the product is very good.
I intend to re purpose it as a 1906 tunic for the North Somerset Yeomanry.
One slight downside, the hooks and eyes at the collar need better attachment during construction.

Tim B

Bickerdike - UK
Boer War Jacket (2017-02-09)
As usual,very fast shipping,even by post. Great quality. I ordered one size up and am very happy with fit. Another fine item from WPG,thank you.

Tony - BC/Canada
Super (2017-01-25)
Very well constructed uniform. Nice to see a hard to get piece being reproduced with good quality and price

arnold - CA
Quality Manufacturer of a Rare Coat (2016-11-15)
I needed a coat to replicate the early 1930s era Spanish Army coat. I added the appropriate dye,replaced the beautiful detailed British buttons with its Spanish period counterpart, and the match was better than perfect. It was better manufactured than the rare original coats! You can order from WPG with complete confidence in their quality products and customer service!

Rivas - US
Received British Boer war tunic (2016-06-25)

Very nice! Well made and out of high quality material. Mine fit perfectly thanks to the fitting chart.

Gatenby - CA
Great price, great look (2016-04-19)
Cotton thick and sturdy. Colour like the other KD uniforms i.e. yellowish. Product stitched together nicely. No centre split down back of skirt like the WW1 tunic, making it historically better looking. I bought a size 44. Being a 42" chest, 38" waist, 6' tall and a size 17 neck, this tunic fit like a glove. The sleeves where a little long by a centimetre. Not worth worrying about. Needs some weathering which the washing machine and clothesline can help out with. The belt hooks are a real asset.

Mickey G - Sydney Australia
Fast delivery, great quality. (2016-01-24)
Ordered a 44 because I am a 43" chest, perfect fit, sleeves a little long, but that's better than too short. Great product of good materials and construction.

Jenner - NZ
Nice tunic (2016-01-12)
This tunic, described as a Boer War tunic is in fact the 1906 KD tunic. As such it was the most common style of tunic used during WW1 until the simplified 1915 tunic was adopted and even then they were seen side by side until the end of the war. The construction is excellent, the cloth used is very good. The fit very good. Like all uniforms, just needs some minor alterations for the perfect fit and these are easily done because of the excellent construction. Once again an excellent product but it is mislabeled as it is really the British 1906 pattern KD tunic and NOT a Boer War tunic.

Keller - US
Very nice jacket (2015-12-29)
Jacket fits very well and shipping was prompt.

Horwath - US
Waz, I'll second Sh (2015-11-30)
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Gabriel - JeBBzpWML
Positive Feedback (2015-11-24)
Very Nice Well made A +++++++++++++++

Green - US
Boer War Tunic (2015-09-11)
Great work. Good detail, including belt hoods.

Brauer - US
Mr (2015-06-09)
Perfect size and good tailoring!

Ponten - SE
British Khaki Drill Boer War Tunic (2015-06-09)
Very nice product and great service and delivery. As these were used by Allied forces later on as well it will be great for New Zealand Mounted Rifles when I replace the buttons with NZ Forces ones.

Forbes - NZ
SUPA SERVICE (2015-06-03)

Tunic size 40 (2015-05-03)
Excellent! Delivery prompt! Trousers next!

Morrison - PL
KD Tunic (2015-02-26)
Great service, nice and quick.

Tunic is bang on, sizes are true and the jacket is easy to get tailored if needed. Sleeves are long to enable them to be taken up as required.

Only downside is the buttons, not true Victorian copies and not quite Edwardian. A minor point.

Featherstone - GB
Boer War tunic (2015-02-22)
Received in good order. Your UAE folk are incredibly prompt & proficient, especially Wajed! Excellent, as ever.

Morrison - PL
Boer War Tunic (2015-01-16)
Excellent! Intend to buy trousers & slightly smaller tunic!

Morrison - PL
Boer War Uniform (2014-11-04)
Purchased both the trousers and tunic. Great quality, sizes run true and super fast shipping....all at a reasonable price.

Van - Tacoma WA
Ron (2014-10-26)
As this tunic was used by AIF forces in both wars, as a tropical tunic. Your version is true to the original. The only problem is that the unit sent to me had the later style brass buttons, not the Queens Crown as stated in your description. I am very happy with your tunic just the same.

Stehn - AU
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