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quality (2021-12-14)
really like the product....I could of gone cheaper however the buttons on the tunic are great!

Scutchings - CA
Excellent reproduction! Will buy again! (2018-10-31)
Thumbs up

garred - CA
Not sure (2018-03-02)
Away on holidays until March 22, will let you know then

Tascona - CA
Great Reproduction (2018-01-10)
Colour isn't quite as green as I was expecting, and the neck is much looser than the originals but that's probably just my sizing.

Harrison - Canada
Canadian SD Tunic (2017-09-28)
FAST shipping! Quality construction. Another fantastic Great War reproduction from WPG.

Van - Tacoma WA
Replacement (2016-07-08)
The original tunic had a minor defect and a replacement was received within 7 days. Looks great!

Perrin - US
Excellent (2016-05-16)

We are another very satisfied customer. Shipping, billing and delivery times are smooth and efficient. High quality products every time.


McLaughlan - CA
Canadian Pattern 7-Button Service Dress Tunic (2015-02-19)
Really good tunic for the price--Great Value. The lower pocket button issue has been fixed. I ordered a size too large, and WPG exchanged without any hassle. The original tunics only had one brass belt ramp on the rear left hip, not two as is the case here. Also, some of the top stitching is not present on originals--such as the chevron cuffs. The arms were not lined. Rear arm seams were not reinforced. The repro buttons are amazing. The fabric is somewhat heavy, and not really a correct greenish brown serge material with the really prominent twill weave--That said, I have not seen anything that has been made with the correct material, other than the Centennial Tattoo uniforms from 1967! --David

Webb - CA
Canadian Pattern 7-Button Service Dress Tunic (2015-02-15)
Excellent reproduction, except for the lower pocket buttons which shouldn't be there. Luckily the button holes weren't cut.

Cameron - CA
Canadian WWI SD 7-Button Tunic (2014-12-23)
Excellent quality, great fit. I would have given this a perfect score except for the buttons on the hip pockets, which didn't exist on the original tunic.

Baird - CA
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