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Amazed (2020-06-29)
I have no words. It was really pro. Thanks

Peter - SK
Perfect colour (2017-09-26)
A great addition to the saddle brown Sam Browne belt to hold the basket hilt sword.

Nicer of the two on offer... (2016-03-01)
This sword frog is very nicely made of more supple tan leather. No fear of cracking with just enough 'give'. Good value item with solidly made buckles and adjustable straps.

Lovato - US
Early Sam Browne Sword Frog (2015-06-01)
Looks nice - but unfortunately the sraps are too wide to fit the loops in my WPG Sam Browne belt. So no good unless you are prepared to considerably trim down the strapwork. Have just ordered the later pattern instead - and have my fingers crossed!

Malcolm - UK
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