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Very pleased (2019-01-26)
Shipping was incredibly fast. Hat fits perfect and toasty warm. You will not regret picking one up.

Feaster - US
gor blimey hat (2016-07-25)
well made hat that wended it's way to my address with a rapidity that was astounding!

Fahner - US
"It's like the peopl (2015-11-30)
"It's like the people who claim to have been rotayly in previous lives. No one ever claims to have been a pig farmer."No, I wasn't rotayly or a pig farmer "before". But, in this life, I did work on a cattle ranch as a kid. Which is why I went to college to get an office job.And, as an SAL,I closed many a "Legion Club" night with my friends singing "Amazing Grace".I didn't sing.I hadn't earned the right.And, they never "talked real talk about 'Nam".

Elena - VyCgS98zQy
Gor Blimey Winter Trench Cap (2015-07-24)
Just like an original.

Borg - AU