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Great quality and fit (2024-07-08)
Fit was right on!

Mickelson - US
Perfect absolutely top quality (2024-03-23)
WPG always makes a great product and their customer service is top notch. I wear these shirts daily to my work and people comment of how nice they look and ask where I got them.

Jackson - US
Excellent quality and fast shipping (2024-02-12)
I am more then satisfied with this shirt. I purchased it for "vintage" cold weather camping. I didn't take this shirt off for four days straight. It was very comfortable, warm and constructed just as well as shirts that sell for twice as much from REI. I ordered my actual chest size (40 reg). The fit was perfect. However, I may order a 42 next time to be a little more roomy. But I am 100% satisfied. Fast shipping.

Taylor - US
All the referrals were right. (2024-02-05)
Great shirt. I have a 45 inch chest and opted with size 46 rather than my 44r in sportcoats. Fits well in the arms and shoulders.

Cauthen - US
Amazing quality, fast delivery. (2023-12-31)
Fantastic reproduction of the 1883 campaign shirt, super authentic and extremely well made. It fit so well and looked so good my wife suggested I buy more to wear to work. As always with WPG, my order arrived in a ridiculously fast time.

Percival - AU
Fast Delivery, Excellent Quality! (2023-04-10)
Very good fit!

Mergel - US
Great looking shirt (2023-02-10)
Super fast delivery as always! Great looking shirt, good fit, well made. Thanks.

Cliburn - US
Warm, long shirt for the winter (2022-12-13)
I wanted a long, wool shirt for general wear during the winter and this shirt is excellent for the purpose. I found it true to size, (44" chest & 6'2"), long sleeves that don't ride up exposing your wrists and very long in the body to keep everything warm either tucked in outdoors or at home as an overshirt. Mine isn't 100% wool as the threads flame and melt but it's a good wool blend and very comfortable to wear so i'm still happy with it but just be aware it's a mix.

Keith - UK
Good quality (2022-04-10)
Good quality shirt. True to size. Very quick delivery. Will not hesitate to order from WPG in the future.

Hendricks - US
Very Nice (2021-12-17)
Very comfortable, good fit. Will be greatly appreciated at the fall and winter events!

casalese - US
Nice Shirt & Lightning Fast Delivery (2021-12-12)
Jerry's delivery speed is always amazing! The shirt is good enough for daily wear but historically correct for living history. Good job all around!

Mihlon - US
Great 1883 Campaign Shirt (2021-11-10)
A great looking, well made, and very comfortable shirt. I normally wear a 44 Long; my chest is 43" and I ordered Size 44, which fits very well. I often have trouble with shirts and coats not being long enough, especially in the arms, but the length of the Campaign Shirt is fine. I'm amazed at how fast the shipping was from overseas (4 days)!

Wool Campaign Shirt (2021-06-14)
Actually a nicely made Shirt. Petty only, that on the right sleeve the button and buttonhole are interchanged. The button sits where the hole should be and vice versa.

Wanner - CH
The Best (2021-03-05)
I have spent the past 40 years of my life researching and providing notes and publishing articles on 19th Century US uniforms.
This is the best reproduction of this shirt I have ever seen. Comparing it to the Quartermaster guidelines, there are only minor divergences.
It is simply...the Best.

Scott R. Cross - US
Excellent items (2020-11-06)
Bought a campaign shirt and breeches. All items are spectacular. Completed my display perfectly.

Steve - US
Nice shirt (2020-08-20)
Very well made shirt at a good price. Very happy with my purchase.

Bill L - US
US Army Shirt (2020-01-07)
great quality great item

Jackson - US
Good quality (2019-08-14)
Appears comparable to originals I’ve seen. Shirt (size 36) fits in the shoulders, but is long. The shirt pockets are down near my waist. Photos show some of the originals were like this also. Keep that in mind if you are short (less than 5’7”).Good quality and fast service/delivery.

US Model 1883 Blue Wool Campaign Shirt (2019-05-28)
The shirt fit perfect! I am a larger guy so WPG was the place to go. WPG customer service is 2nd to none in my book. What few times I have had fit issues, they were on top of me getting a replacement no questions asked.

Stallings - US
fast delivey, great quality (2019-05-06)
the size fits perfectly and it is a great quality fabric. cant wait to use it this summer for reenacting!

Steffel - US
It's what I hoped for! (2019-03-20)
I can't wait for a chance to represent Span Am. We're the originals that comfortable?

Hillring - US
Wonderful Product! (2019-01-19)
This is a great campaign shirt that doesn't disappoint. The color is excellent and materials are top notch. A+

Eric - Nebraska
wow, quick! (2018-11-09)
very sharp product and well worth the money!

fahner - US
Nice Shirt! Word on Size (2018-10-02)
Really nice shirt! I would say order a size down. These are made pretty loose in chest and sleeves.

Brandon - Arkansas, USA
Super (2018-02-19)
All items are top notch and fit nicely, no problems. Bob Bardsley.

Bardsley - US
Rough Riddin' it down at the Homestead (2017-11-15)
Solid enough to handle my Major's Shoulder Boards... This'll look STRAC on Major Keelough this spring at our first shoot of the season.......

Comfortable (2017-05-22)
Wore all this past weekend in the 'field' and found it quite comfortable.
A top shelf item!

Collins - US
Quality reproduction! (2016-11-28)
Well made and accurate wool campaign shirt. I ordered one size larger hoping it will shrink a bit when laundered as I want to get a worn look to it.

Wisniewski - US
US Model 1883 Blue Wool Campaign Shirt (2016-11-17)
Well made, and authentic in every way. I can't wait to campaign in it. Thanks Jerry!

Mark - US
super (2016-10-05)
great, good size

1883 Shirt (2016-08-23)
These shirts follow the description to the letter in the Quartermaster regulations of that period. They are so good that this is my second one!

Robert - United States
M1883 Campaign Shirt (2016-08-19)
Very happy with my purchase! Nice wool, quality construction, extremely fast delivery! Another solid experience with WPG! Thanks Jerry!

Michaelis - US
1883 Shirt (2016-08-17)
This is a top shelf repro! I have come to expect nothing less from Jerry. Great price compared to the other repros avab.

Robert - Louisiana
Perfect (2016-05-26)
If all service and retail providers were as timely, effective, responsive, considerate as WPG the world would be a far better place.

Hathcock - US
Great Item (2016-05-20)
The shirt is great. Its well made, authentic, and comfortable. Its sized correctly and was shipped quickly. You cant ask for more than that.

Patrick - US
Nice shirt, good price (2016-05-16)
Good price on this shirt. Very well made, nice fabric too. Fits well (true to size, and is a bit oversized/cut slightly large which is good). It's not 100% wool (in my opinion a good thing) and may have something like 15% nylon in it, and the buttons are off just a bit, but it doesn't detract from the shirt and they can always been replaced. And, as always, fastest shipping ever.

Steve - US
Excellent M1883 Shirt (2016-01-26)
In the first few years of the 1880s, the US Army changed the issue shirt almost every year. They finally settled on the M1883, which was just about the perfect field shirt. The M1883 was the issue shirt for the next 20 years, until the Army abandoned blue for their campaign clothing (the M1883 was still around as late as the 1936 Spanish Civil War, when it was worn by the Abraham Lincoln Brigade). What Price Glory's repro of the M1883 as perfect a repro as one can expect, and is completely worth the price. This is the only authorized shirt for my Philippine-American War reenacting unit, the 1st Tennessee/37th U.S.V.

Jedediah the GyroCaptain - Northern Illinois
Wool Pullover Shirt-Navy (2016-01-18)
Excellent and interesting shirt. Fit is great and a quality made item. Washes up well and ready to go!

Jack - USA
Great Quality and Affordable (2016-01-07)
Quality product and material

Jonathan - Oklahoma
shirt (2015-12-30)
hard to find good price thanks jerry

Thomas - US
5 (2015-08-26)
Absolutely great and well made shirt. Ordered a size down (size 40 instead of size 42) and it fits perfect. I have ordered a second one.

Kay - DE
US Model 1883 Blue Wool Campaign Shirt (2015-06-22)
Gads! this shirt is the goods, to be sure! Quality stuff, this. Well-made with good material, this is a true campaign shirt. The cotton backing to the pocket area is a fine touch. The size is true as ordered. This is just the thing to hit the trail with and no regrets!

Also: the shipping, as usual, was fast. From time of order placed to item-in-hand has been less than a week. With speed like this, WPG might be right next door! In this respect, along with quality of merchandise, WPG excels. Jerry and Wajed are the very best; courteous and attentive, they do what they can to ensure a pleased customer.

Frank - US
Great Shirt (2015-05-08)
A well-made heavyweight shirt. Beautiful reproduction with great details.

Jim - Maine
1885 BLUE SHIRT (2015-04-30)
Super fast shipping. Excellent quality. Might want to order a size down are made a little big - as per the item description.

Van - WA
Great Shirt (2015-04-24)
My shirt arrived a few days ago and i couldn't be more pleased. It's a well made shirt and has the all the correct details including the muslim backed pocket reenforcements. Im 38L and the shirt fit well and wasn't to big or to small. My only complaint was that the cuffs are a little narrow and i have skinny wrists. Cant wait to wear this on my up coming backpacking trip next week! Thanks jerry

Brian - California
1885 campaign Shirt (2015-04-23)
This shirt pure skookum!!! Well made and feels good!!!
I purchased this shirt for my vintage Hunting camp. It will be a very welcome and useful addition!!!
Highly recommended.

Bob - Texas
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