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Fun & Very Satisfying (2020-06-21)
So impressed with the M1908 Cavalry Breeches that I bought a pair of these for regualr wear. Darn practical in many ways, & they draw a lot of comment. When I wear them with M1887 suspenders, M1904 Marching Shoe and a collarless grey flannel shirt, I'm rockin' it like it's 1909

Weintz - US
A full size too small but good gear (2018-11-13)
I bought several pieces of gear. All good, if a little pricey. The only problem I had was the sizing at 38 waist. I should have read the reviews before ordering as I see others have noticed the same disparity. I advise ordering a full size larger than you are used to for a comfy fit.

McWilliams - US
Durable and wearable. (2018-04-13)
As a Cowboy Action shooter, these clothes/uniforms have to perform like comfortable, service uniforms and not be constrictive, cumbersome, or fake... they are working uniforms to perform tactical tasks...

I put these breeches on with my Pattern 1897, Dark Brown Leggings and Pattern 1905 Service shoes, 1884 Blue Service shirt and wore them for three days straight. I cut down and cleaned up a fir tree, practiced shooting with my pair of .44-40 Schofields, and did some detailed cabinet-making/woodworking in this uniform. It was like I wasn't wearing a period uniform at all... which is exactly why I bought this stuff...


Keeler - US
US 1902 Pattern Khaki Cotton Breeches (2016-06-18)
A well made article of clothing. The sizes run a bit smaller than usual, but people were smaller 114 years ago. Jerry was a gentleman as always regarding the returns, and helping me find a size that fit. A++

Mark - Connecticut, USA
1902 Breeches (2015-09-02)
Pair received. Well constructed. Run a bit small. I generally wear 36" a Wrangler and Cardhart. Size 40 perfect with a bit of room for movement! Once again WPG comes across with the goods! Exchange for larger size went very smooth!

Bob - USA
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