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P1912 USMC Trousers (2019-07-08)
The P1912 USMC trousers are very well made and well worth the price (which is very reasonable). They look great and the sizing is spot-on. If you are debating about getting some, delay no further and get them. You will be glad you did. Thanks Jerry for producing another well made period item!

Jon - MO/USA
1912 Marine trousers (2018-11-07)
They would definitely pass inspection if I fell in wearing them 100 years ago.

Dillmann - US
Late delivery (2018-07-22)
Please see my delivery comments stated in tunic feedback. Trousers look great, fit great with outstanding workmanship. Glad I bought them. Thanks!

Channels - US
P1912 Trousers (Summer) (2018-06-06)
I compared this pair of trousers with ones at the WW1 memorial in Kansas city, and it is spot on!

Bordson - US
quick delivery time, less than one week. (2017-11-24)
Could not be better, perfect color, fit, excellent wool, These are the best you can find.

Proctor - US
USMC P1912 Wool Service Trousers (2017-09-26)
The fabric of these trousers perfectly matched the fabric of the tunic. I got pretty darn lucky on these. The size 38 fit me like a glove. I didn't even need to have them hemmed! I have short legs (31" in-seam), so future customers should bear this in mind. Re-enactors will want to wear leggings or puttee wraps, anyway. The issue of length is, therefore, not important for combat impressions.

Speer - US
US Marine Trousers (2017-09-01)
A perfect color. A perfect fit. A 5 out of 5. I couldn't be more pleased.

Pastor - US
Superb! (2017-03-29)
Great USMC trousers. See my other comments, but I'll say again this is good stuff!

Burduck - US
P1912 Trousers USMC (2017-03-21)
Anyone looking to do USMC for world war one should get these. The price is incredibly fair and it is the closes to the real thing I have seen and heard from many experts. They also came within days of ordering. I am going to use WPG for as much of my WW1 reenacting as I can.

Maugeri - US
Impressed (2016-08-04)
I just picked up a set of Jerry Lee's What Price Glory's WWI USMC P1912 Winter Service Uniform (Trousers) and I have to say that they're as close as you're going to get to the originals and they're pretty damn close and spot on and worth the price (the price was very reasonable) and my hats off to Jerry Lee for cranking these out.

Girard - US
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