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Heavy duty, and with the correct buckle. (2023-05-04)
Another high quality rendition of a simple piece of uniform often reproduced with incorrect (thinner, less durable) material and newer type buckle.

Mulligan - US
Nice (2022-03-29)
nice overall belt, very fast shipping

Harms - US
Web belt (2021-09-28)
The only web belt that has the correct style buckle. All others that I’ve bought use Chinese copies of the Vietnam war field buckle which does not look at all lie a way 2 buckle. This buckle is great! Made of steel almost exactly like the late war buckles. And the belt is thick, nicely woven. Weave looks very close to originals. The color goes through belt, does not have the white threads in middle like many repros have. It is slightly more khaki than I would prefer- a bit more green would give it perfection for me. But saying that , this is the belt ww2 repro belt I’ve ever bought. Well done WPG!

Mc - US
5. (2021-07-12)
Perfect service in every way

Rice - US
Took about 10 days to arrive. Tracking did not work (2019-07-03)
Seems to be of good quality. Time will tell

H - CH
Prompt service (2018-12-14)
Belt is as advertised looks great and the shipping time was amazing

Ambrose - US
Authentic belt (2018-09-04)
Great belt that reminded me from the times in the service as well.

ganley - US
Good quality! (2018-07-25)
Nice web belt, thick and good quality like the ones I wa issued in the military!

Troche - US
WWII Enlisted Belt: Love-Love-LOVE it!!! (2017-12-29)
WOW!!! These belts are FABULOUS!!! I've actually ordered three of them over the past couple of years. TERRIFIC quality and UNBEATABLE customer service!!! AAA+++!!!

Walker - US
Super (2017-06-29)
Everything is top notch, your quality is amazing, and the depth of your catalogue is fantastic. Thank you so much for all that you do

Cornwell - US
Nice Items (2017-06-10)
As usual WPG filled the order in their usual workman-like manner. The items fit as described and they have a little room built in to compensate for shrinkage. Follow the instructions for measuring yourself (yes, your jean size is not your natural waist size) and you will get a great pair of trousers.

17 Sqn RAF - US
fast delivery (2017-03-29)
you all are wonderful,easy to work with and FAST..

Reed - US
belt, trousers, cotton, webing, o.d.103 (2017-02-19)
This belt is so close in material and color in comparison to the belt I was issued in 1956 it is uncanny. The only way I can tell the difference is that I cut mine to fit my 29" waist.
Thanks, R.J.Gray

Gray - US
Great value (2016-05-26)
Good product, great price.

Cherinka - US
Great Belt! (2016-03-25)
Good buy

Patton - CA
Good Product/fast shipping (2016-01-26)
Belt was as expected. Custom sizing with good quality

Ashcraft - US
Great Product (2015-11-06)
The real deal, just like I got at MCRD 4 decades ago, great mil spec quality...

Hocutt - US
Trouser belt (2015-04-08)
Excellent service! This item is perfect

Ruhland - US
Rarly see (2015-04-05)
Early war version enlisted trouser belt, what a find.

Joe - US
US enlisted trouser belt (2014-12-23)
The belt was of a nice heavy grade canvas. the buckle appeared well made. I ordered a couple of sizes bigger and trimmed to my size.

Reed - US
Khaki enlisted belt and buckle (2014-11-07)
Excellent product, should give years of service.

Suesz - US
Usa ww2 enlisted man's belt (2014-07-08)
Very nice repro belt that looks and feels real

klem - US
Mr (2014-07-06)
Very accurate sizing and fine quality trousers(probably better than the originals)Also no fuss very fast shipping!

Franklin - AU
Buy at least one of these belts! (2013-05-03)
Fast shipping and a quality piece of gear. The canvas webbing is thick and rough and the belt does not slip, unlike a lot of canvas 'web-type' belts. The paint on the buckle is very thick and the belt tip is made of a heavy material that doesn't mind being crimped and uncrimped and recrimped again.

Karp - US
trouser belt (2012-08-13)
Arrived as promised. Quality meets original.

brown - US
Don't need it now.. (2012-07-29)
I didnt even bother to open the package that the belt was in because the khaki summer uniform they sent me didn't fit.

Respess - US
Customer Service (2012-06-06)
Wow! Placed the order on Friday and received it Tuesday - all the way from Dubai! Very prompt service and response and product seems reasonably priced and accurate repro quality.

Bagley - US
5 (2012-05-02)
Of all of the items that I recently ordered & pleasantly received, this was my only "fly in the soup".
My belt arrived, with the wrong buckle. I requested the earlier BRASS buckle. Instead, I received, the later BLACKENED buckle. I was ofcourse disappointed. But hey! I'm still pleased with the service.

LOPEZ, Cisco - SoCal, US
trouser belt (2012-01-14)
Great quality, wish there was a little more belt to lap Thanks

greganti - CA
US Enlisted Trouser Belt (2012-01-13)
Thanks, very good

Schuch - DE
Trouser Belt (2011-12-26)
Very good, arrived quickly.

Della Porta - US
breeches US (2011-07-11)
good product, even better qualitiy than expected.

Saumure - CA
US enlisted trouser belt (2011-06-15)
Another great item !!
many Thanks

prismall - GB
Excellent! (2011-05-07)
Another great buying experience. Spot on accuracy with this belt. Thanks again.

Johnson - US
5 (2011-04-13)
Nice and will be useful during reenactments

DeShong - US
ka-Bar sheath and trouser belt (2011-03-22)
Very nice. Arrived very timely. Thanks for carrying such outstanding items.

Gonzales - US
Must have! (2011-02-08)
I loved every bit of the belt. I use it everyday now

Noy - Philippines
US Enlisted trouser belt (2010-10-08)
Arrived at my doorstep in Australia within afew days. Congratulations another great reproduction.

Klau - AU
US Enlisted Trouser Belt (2010-09-14)
A great accurate item. Thanks !

belt (2010-08-10)
good value sets of uniform just hope i wear it the right way round .

Archer - GB
na (2010-03-10)
Arrived quick and in good order. Thanks

Ainsworth - US
US Enlisted Trouser Belt (2010-03-05)
Looks and feels like original

Robinson - US
belt (2010-01-06)
the trouser belt is great on the mountain pants I got. looks just like pictures of my Dad's buddies. Now I need the trouser suspenders!

Schober - US
Trouser Belt (2009-12-19)
A nice accurate item at a great price. Keep up the good work WPG!

Denver, Colorado - US
perfect US Enlisted Trouser Belt (2009-09-07)
Would recommend

Fuller - US
trouser belt (2009-08-08)
Very well constructed,right on od#3 color. perfect fit,I would highly recommend this belt

Rochester - US
US Enlisted Trouser Belt (2009-07-07)
exactly what needed

Fuller - US
5 (2009-07-04)
exactly as ordered.

Deslauriers - US
Excellent (2009-06-11)
Excellent item wood recommend it!

US Enlisted Trouser Belt (2009-06-01)
WPG's US Enlisted Trouser Belts are the best and most historically accurate reproduction trouser belts on the market. Well made, durable, high attention to detail, great price, and an all around quality belt! Thank you WPG for reproducing high-quality historically accurate reproductions! Another very satisfied customer! Thank you WPG!!!

Stefancyk - US
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