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Fast delivery. (2022-07-11)
Straps that go under the instep are too short, otherwise I am very happy with the leggings. I had a leather strap attached to the legging strap and they are perfect now.

Sigurdson - US
San Juan hill (2021-08-27)
An almost perfect recreation of a very difficult to find product . Highly recommended for those who are looking for authenticity and quality.

Barkley - US
Great looking, great quality (2021-05-18)
These leggings are excellent. They look fantastic, fit well, and are quite sturdy.

Clark - US
Nothing but the best from WPG (2019-09-05)
These are simply the best option out there for the modern Spanish American War Reenactor. Great color and sizing, quick shipping.

Corley - US
brass hooks (2019-07-18)
the gaiters are great i use them all the time for all kinds of outdoor activities and they hold up great however the brass hooks if youre not careful can get pulled out if the lacing gets hooked to something will youre moving

Roland - Rhode Island
US M1897 Dark Brown Canvas Leggings (2019-05-28)
Fantastic quality and look. Ordered a size 4, but they were a little small. So I emailed Jerry and told him I needed size 5. I had the size 5 in less than 4 business days. I sent the size 4 back, but he did not wait till he received them to send me the right size. WPG has the best customer service out there.

Stallings - US
Excellent (2019-04-24)
Everything is great!

Vanderpool - US
Spoiled by WPG's habit of fast delivery (2019-03-21)
I'm still waiting on stuff from another company, but WPG's merchandise come like greased lightning. I'm not sure if the leather strap could be longer to get around the sole of my brogans more easily. Otherwise, I love them!

Hillring - US
Need larger sizes (2019-01-08)
Jerry, you need to make larger sizes!!! My sons are 6’5 and 6’2.

LCDR Hobie - Mass
I came / 10 (2018-07-13)
I give these a score of i came out of ten. Love em and i cant wait to use em on holloween

Deleon - US
Quality and customer satisfaction (2018-04-01)
Bought these for my 1910 era cavalry outfit, as I am a volunteer bugler for Military graveside services...very satisfied and they look and wear great..

Bradshaw - US
Excellent (2018-02-19)
All items are top notch and fit nicely, no problems. Bob Bardsley!

Bardsley - US
Good item with Lightning fast delivery! (2018-01-28)
Good color and shape as like original, and I live in South Korea, received same week after order.
That's very impressed!

Good Product (2018-01-18)
Hi, I received the leggings and they're very well made. I just spent a while trying to get the on. I looked up "how to lace leggings" on Youtube. The Spanish American War leggings don't lace up the same way as WW1 or WW2 leggings. It's best to look at WPG's picture.

Schroeder - US
Well made (2017-12-01)
Very well made, authentic reproduction. Pleased with my purchase.

Voight - US
Finished the barn working in these... down on the Homestead. (2017-11-15)
This pair is holding up better than the first pair I ordered - a grommet tore out the first time I tried them on. I worked for about 80 hours over a 5-day weekend in these and they held up well and provided the 'pant-leg-security' I needed not to snag and catch on everything, from the top of the roof to the graded ground below. LOVE 'em... I mean as much as a feller can love some canvas, ya' know...

M1897 brown leggings (2017-09-01)
These are amazing-exact copies of originals,very well made,thanks for making a much needed item of kit for the 1898 time period

ERIC - West Virginia USA
excellent quality (2017-08-08)
Well made item, fit as advertised. Been looking for these for awhile now and this was a real find for me.

Good for everyday hiking use. (2017-05-17)
This is the second pair of canvas leggings I bought, this time to use as a gift for a friend.

Karl - AU
Good for regular hiking too (2017-04-09)
I bought my pair for hiking purposes, as I do not like the modern snake leggings.They are very comfortable,stylish and surprisingly practical!

Karl - South Australia
great leggings (2017-03-29)
High quality, and they appear to be faithful reproductions. I said this about another item, but getting and keeping things in stock and in a range of sizes would help.

Freeman - US
Quality reproductions! (2016-11-22)
These are so well made you would swear they are made by the original military contractor! Great reproductions of these impossible to find turn of the century leggings!

Wisniewski - US
super (2016-10-05)
great, very good repro ++++

These work! (2016-09-04)
Doing a Rough Rider or cavalry impression? You can actually ride in these. They are tough, comfortable and look even better after a couple of weeks "in the saddle."

Bruce - California, USA
Hard to Get (2016-07-04)
I was glad to see this item at WPG. These are an impossible to find accessory for the Span-Am period. I was sorry to hear that they are already out of production. The only criticism I have is the rivets are not quite the quality that I would prefer, hence the 4 instead of 5. None-the-less, I am glad I got these before all the inventory is gone.

Brill - US
US M1897 Dark Brown Canvas Leggings (2016-06-09)
Another fantastic, high quality reproduction. They fit as they should, and are of a relatively heavy weight canvas, so they will hold up to abuse.
Thanks again Jerry!

Mark - Connecticut, USA
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