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excellent all around (2020-08-15)
the helmet fits great. original earphones fit perfect. i wear a 7 1/4 and that is what this is.

mark - summit point, wv usa
Simply the Balls (2020-07-19)
Same as my original except new and an extra button snap for oxygen mask my original has 3 this 4 but the mask buttons line up perfect, stiff rubber just like my original A-11 and soft leather chamois inside, nearly spot on

Chris - Merica
Perfect for my FAM (aka aztec eagles) ww2 uniform on youtube (2020-05-26)
These were perfect for my aztec eagles ww2 uniform on youtube. Very high quality and they fit great

Stinson - US
Fair repro for displays (2019-08-28)
AAF A-11 Leather Flight Helmet is a fairly authentic reproduction but you need not to come too close as some detail features did not meet the original (e.g. metal edge at the end of the chinstrap etc.). I also tried to deploy the US HS-33 Helmet Headset which are also available with WPG but ruined one of the rubber ear-cups because they are not flexible and the available space provided by the A-11 are is too few.

Ruschek - DE
Great value! (2019-08-08)
The leather is soft and stitched together well. It has a vintage look that I love as well. Earphone panel rubber is a bit stiff.

Ham - US
Exellecent! (2019-02-28)
it's a excellent A-11 Flight Helmet

i love it!

Adam - Arkansas/USA
fast delivery (2018-02-27)
Well-fitting helmet, down to the straps on the top and sides. I did add simulated earphones and cord to make the helmet look complete, as this will be going into a museum.

Gianakos - US
Very Nice (2017-12-09)
I agree with the other posts. Very nice reproduction for my son's WW II Aviation collection. Nicely made. Thank you!

Podszus - US
Amazing (2017-10-31)
Great product!!! A dead-on reproduction of a WWIII A-11 aviator helmet. Excellent quality and materials. Great customer service.

Munoa - US
Very impressed (2017-10-27)
Top shelf recreation of a classic WW2 USAF aviation helmet.

Daly - US
A++++ (2017-08-30)
Absolutely amazing reproduction
Super quick delivery

Coxall - UK
Outstanding. (2017-06-30)
This is a very good reproduction of what has become an impossible-to-find Helmet.

Bill in Issaquah - US
Great quality (2017-06-11)
Great quality, unfortunately its way too small. I didn't realise I had to order a size bigger although I think it's possible that maybe 2 sizes bigger asthe one I got is small.

Red - AU
good (2017-01-30)
It's nice, but the chin strap is 2" too short. Cannot fasten.
Also, how does one put headphones in the helmet?

Shumaker - US
replacement for an one in sad shape... (2017-01-06)
My original is disintegrating due to age (and poor storage after the war). This looks much better on the display head. Reminds me of "Oddball" from Kelly's Heros.

Sykes - US
Fast delivery (2016-12-29)
The quality of this helmet is fantastic and the delivery was very fast.

Everingham - CA
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