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Para smock (2021-12-20)
Excellent! Big size 6,7 feet tall and 3xl fits excellent!

Eduard - NL
Fantastic Smock (2021-11-01)
Recieved the smock in less than a week. Excellent color and stitching. Happy to see retaining snaps on the rear for the tailOnly thing that bugged me about my 1st Pattern (pullover) Dennison Smock. The full zip is smooth and makes the smock much more versatile and easier to take on and off. I've seen pictures of Monty wearing a smock modded like this in old WW2 photos. Only thing that would make it better would be if they could make a knitted wool collar like officer's smocks had. (How about it, Jerry Lee?)

Eric - Kentucky, United States
Quality Denison Smock (2021-07-20)
Really impressed with this quality Denison smock reproduction. Great colour, superb detail and super fast delivery. Highly recommended. Thank you WPG

Dyer - UK
Very fast delivery (2021-05-07)
Perfect. Absolutely Perfect. I am 6'2" & 15 stone. I ordered a XXLL and it is perfect. I can layer under it or not.Sleeves are good and color great. Ready now to go a Bridge too Far.

Simmons - US
Impressed (2021-04-29)
I think I might be in between sizes (L vs XL) so I went with the larger option. It looks super cool with the authentic camp pattern, and I can't wait to put this fantastic item to use!

York - US
Excellent (2021-03-10)
es it was and thank you very muchim happy with what I got I'll stop at your shop more in the future

Smith - US
Fast (2020-09-20)
As advertised and accurate sizing which WPG usually runs tight. Badging up for my militia unit so as not to attract the “stolen valor” idiots

Pierce - US
Great piece of kit. (2020-07-01)
Very well made, I highly recommend!

Hayden - US
Outstanding Denison Smock (2020-06-22)
WPG’s Denison Smock is a fantastic product. I ordered the full-zip smock with the intention of using it as a utility garment for carrying bits of kit and using it for general casual wear. The smock fulfills ALL of these requirements and has stood up to the hard use I have subjected it to in the weeks since I have received the item. I am 100% confident that the smock will continue to impress. This item fits well and is not too heavy for wear in the desert. I ordered the XL with the intention of layering underneath in colder seasons. As a University history major I understand that uniform items must meet a degree of durability and utility, and I have no doubt that the WPG Denison will continue to fulfill these requirements. And as an added benefit, the shipping was lightning fast. Thank you WPG!

Alex - US
Excellent service, quality product. (2020-03-10)
I ordered a British Para Smock which was too large, my fault!I sent it back for exchange and it arrived within a couple of days, it is excellent quality, well made, and practically identical to the original ones.The service was first class and the Sales Manager Wajed went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the replacement arrived in time.Well done WPG !

coats - UK
GREAT (2019-12-01)
GREAT Denison fits perfect service was spot on
Thank you

Exceeded My Expectations (2019-11-01)
Have been wanting to get a Denison smock for some time. After too much research, I finally found a version I liked. I am not disappointed. Thanks for a great product and great service.

Outstanding (2019-09-19)
Quick delivery with no hassles, great product!! Highly recommend!!

Ted - Ontario
Fast delivery and I’m very pleased with the smock (2019-04-05)
Excellent delivery to the UK, I would definitely recommend you. The smock has exceeded my expectations and I’m very happy with it.

Cheers Bob

Jubb - UK
fast ship. great item (2019-03-31)
Sizing just a tad off. my Original . size 7 and 6 have 2 inch longer sleeves. my size 7 (1942) has 3 inch longer body. upper chest pockets are 2 and 1/2 to 3 inches too high on chest. Camo pattern great very very close to 1st pattern hand painted. very useable have been wearing.

Plice - US
Great Smock (2019-03-22)
Camo spot on. Sizing a tad off. In sleeves and pockets Works great and is Windproof as should be

Steve - Ohio USA
Fast Delivery (2019-01-29)
The item looks great and so happy that it arrived with no issues. Thanks for the great service

Durkin - CA
fast delivery (2019-01-25)
Absolutely beautiful.

I question if the fabric is consistent with original issue, but extremely well made and fitted.

graves - US
Quick response (2018-12-28)
For my son, a good fit and reasonable price

MacMullen - US
The best. (2018-11-25)
Finally a smock with some room in the arms. It feels and looks great.

Love - CA
Full zip (2018-10-03)
Further to my previous review I would just like to add that my only real criticism is that the securing studs on the front are too close together, they should be wider apart ( side to side ).

Ed - United Kingdom
Full zip (2018-10-03)
Very pleased with this smock - the smallest size, Large, is quite big and will suit 44" chest up to 48". Colours are overall a bit on the dark side but good cut and well finished. You won't be disappointed.

Ed - Suffolk
Excellent value, High Quality (2018-02-21)
The full zip Denison is as advertised. However, be sure to order a size bigger than you might order otherwise. I'm 6'4", 245lbs no belly...just big. Usually I take an XL but for sleeve length and shoulders I ordered a size up (XXL). Great fit and very well made.

Hobbs - US
WPG is the best (2017-11-25)
I just received the 1st pattern Para smock from WPG. Ordered it Mon night and received it Fri night. Wow! The cut, color and material are all top notch. Sid by side, will be hard to tell from my original at XX times the price. Order these from Jerry at WPG

Spence - PA USA
fast delivery, super quality. (2017-10-27)
The full zip Denison is a classic - The only revision I would suggest, is to rework the top of the zip at the collar.

Highly recommend for colors and cut.

Daly - US
Awesome (2017-10-02)
Awesome service, product is better than expected. The colour and look of this smock is excellent. Thank You WPG.

Harris - NZ
Very nice. (2017-06-13)
Excellent value.

Steel - US
Which One Do I buy? (2017-05-21)
I was overwhelmed by the great selection of fine variations of the WPG Denison Smock offerings. I could not decide whether to buy the UK First Pattern w/Full Zipper new for 2017, or, the 2nd Pattern Denison Smock (Improved Run) - so I purchased both! And I am very happy with both. Material is heavy duty tough as nails. Color fast. Washed one several times and it barely faded. Fit is exactly what I ordered. All in all a fine product. I highly recommend.

Max - Pennsylvania
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