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Excellent (2021-06-09)
I received the product well. I like it. Thank you.

Kim - US
Amazing quality! (2021-03-20)
Excellent construction. Quality of material is superb!

Mike - US
Excellent (2020-12-23)
All the items are accounted for and appear to be high quality.

Costardo - US
High quality breeches! (2020-07-21)
I definitely recommend ordering one size up, I’m normally a 34 and a 36 Fit perfect with a little spare room for chasing Villa through the desert!
Also if you plan of shooting from a kneeling position your regular size will likely be very snug at the knees, enough to effect circulation. Overall these are really great, get ‘em while they last!

Boido - US
Well made product (2020-03-08)
Arrived quick. They look good and seem well made. Fit perfectly. Great product as with everything item I have ordered from you in the past.

Sam - Tennessee, USA
Great construction, sturdy material. (2020-02-05)
The rise of the pants is a little lower than I was expecting... I'd recommend going a size up.
if they're loose around the waist, you've always got the belt in the back, and suspender buttons.

Logan - Missouri, US
s in the back country when the arrived (2019-10-15)
Hi Jerry,
Again I am sorry for the delay in responding. Sure do like the trousers, but I have not been able to try them. Now that winter is nearly upon us here in the high country, I am thinking maybe I should have get the wool trousers insters.

Arizona Territory

Montgomery - US
Excellent product - color, fit, construction - all good (2019-06-04)
Very good repro of the early US pre WW1 era breeches in the correct OD color. Good quality cotton and well constructed.

The dye WILL "bleed" a bit until they've been washed a couple of times. If you get rained on or sweat a good bit in a uniform right out of the bag - you will get green spots where it gets wet. So wash it and you're fine.

Callaham - US
Very well pleased. (2019-03-26)
I purchased this for my 101st infantry AEF summer uniform. I ordered 1 size larger than my normal size due to the difference in how the breeches fit compared to modern pants; and they fit perfectly. I would definitely recommend these to others.

Birch - US
Well made and authentic looking (2018-08-31)
Purchased for the purpose of adding realism to junior high classroom studies about World War 1.

Radford - US
I'm happy (2018-07-13)
I'm happy

Camechis - US
fantastic delivery service (2018-06-19)
great styling on these breeches. lovely detail and so happy to find them in cotton

floor - US
quick delivery (2018-06-06)
I'm pleased with my purchase. They are a quality product.

Sepulveda - US
US 1912 Cotton Breeches (2018-05-01)
Great authentic looking period Breeches. Well made and authentic looking. Love them!!!

BW Aune - US
Thank You! (2017-11-07)
Adequate quality and fast delivery!

Peterson - US
super fast delivery to Canada. (2017-09-11)
the pants are great quality but were to big for me becouse of available sizes so im having the taylored. looking forward to getting them back this week.
overall I'm happy.

Salbati - CA
Excellent uniform and fasr delivery (2017-07-06)
Great uniform. Bettern than I expected after buying reproductiions made in China. THESE are quality! WPG was recommended by an authentic reenactor as where they got their uniforms. I tried you guys and are now so happy we bought from you. AUTHENTIC for sure! shipping back those other sellers sub-standerd "stuff".

Willette - US
Perfect fit! (2017-06-20)
Living in south Texas, I desperately needed an alternative to the wool version of this uniform, and this is it! Sized perfectly for me (6'5", 245 lb). Well made, arrived quickly, and I have received numerous compliments from my fellow Wild Bunch shooters. WPG is my go-to place for military gear.

Eisel - US
Super (2017-06-07)
I loved the putties and my 1912 Summer Tunic and breeches!

Garcia - US
Fast (2017-05-27)
Fantastic reproduction

Carver - US
On time delivery (2017-05-22)
Product is well made and I will be field testing it in the Saudi desert in September.


Brauer - US
Good fit (2017-05-15)
Didn't think they would fit without some alteration but I was surprised. They fit perfect.

Wahab  - US
Fantastic Service (2017-04-16)
Three days from the UAE Warehouse to safe delivery at my USA address! This was the second order from this vendor with fantastic service. Thanks.

Chris Turner

Turner  - US
I was a bit skeptical at first, seeing that a local California company has it's shipping quarters in the UAE, let alone not seeing much example of the products, yet I was very pleasantly surprised at both the speed of service as well as the quality of product! Amazingly well done in detail and durability. I can only say that it would be nice to have a local shipping source that is not so costly to US customers vs global, otherwise I would order more parts and pieces on a whim.

This trouser's size is so fit to me. (2017-04-07)
Thanks for shipping it.
Also it has so nice quality. :)

Choi - KR
Great Breeches! (2017-03-10)
The color and fit of these breeches are spot on! They look and feel great and will be perfect for the desert clime in which I will be wearing this uniform. Highly recommended!

K.B. - US
Excellent Product (2017-03-07)
Very happy with my 1912 Summer Uniform.

Mullins - US