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Fast delivery (2024-04-09)
All is well

Allen - US
Excellent Reproduction (2023-07-10)
Another faithful reproduction by WPG! I love the natural unfinished leather they use. It allows for form fitting to pistol by wetting the leather. After drying, the leather darkens nicely with leather oil.

Williams - US
Very solid, a good reproduction (2023-06-09)
Initially I was not happy as it was very pale and too tight. Then I realized the leather was very new and needed some treatment and break in. I am fond of ballistol for leather treatment and boy it looks so good now! It darkened up nicely and after working a full sized 1911a1 in and out it runs smooth now on the draw. 5 stars if you don’t mind a bit of handy work and treatment.

5centshooter - US
Excellent quality! (2023-03-31)
I certainly don’t regret buying this holster from what price glory! The quality is really excellent and coming in a natural leather colour means you can easily age or dye the leather to the colour that you want.
on top of that the customer service is always excellent also! Thank you what price glory!

Jon - France
Great Service (2022-08-23)
The hip holster I ordered arrived quickly and the quality is excellent.

Haley - US
Great holster (2021-07-19)
Excellent service
Excellent delivery
Excellent quality of the product I ordered.
Thank you very much I will be placing further orders

Dunn - AU
Fine quality (2021-05-05)
The Colt 1911 fits great after letting it sit overnight, in a plastic bag, in the wet leather, as many others have suggested.
Very nicely made.

Ball - US
Good for the Price (2021-01-28)
I ordered one of WPG's 1916 holsters the same day I ordered one of their holsters for the 1909/1917 revolver. Of the two, this was the superior product. In terms of construction, it's a faithful reproduction of the M1916 holster. Initially, my .45 would only fit with a lot of effort and with the slide locked in place with the safety engaged. However, after a couple of days that was no longer an issue. I used a coat of neetsfoot oil and a light amount of olive oil and I am pleased with the result. That said, as with the M1909/17 holster I received from the same firm, this holster was finished with a sort of pebbled leather, not unlike that seen with certain finished upholstery leathers. Most leather has some texture to it, obviously, but in comparing this holster to other holsters I have from El Paso Saddlery and other US makers, I can only describe the WPG holster as "pebbled."

Dolan - US
Outstanding quality (2021-01-10)
When I received this holster in super quick time, (ordered Christmas day & delivered on the 28/12/20) I couldn't believe the quality! for a brief second I thought it was an original NOS item until I saw the maker mark WPG 1916. Amazing museum quality, perfect for any collection or re-enactor.
Keep up the great work!

Gurman - UK
WOW... (2020-12-30)
Ordered this along with a pistol belt and WW2 style mag pouch for my 1911 clone. Belt and mag pouch match originals, no difference other than you can use them and not worry. The big deal is the holster. The leather quality and full grain are excellent, and the stitching and riveting are perfect. This holster can't beat for quality and construciton, and actually should be more expensive I feel. I'm not complaining about getting a great deal, but this is probably the highest quality and best value out there for a holster. The other holster I've ordered in 2009, the Webley style flap holster, is of equal quality and construction. I will not order from anywhere else. Oh, I ordered this on 12/26 and it arrived in Houston, TX on 12/29. Amazing.

John - Texas, USA
Fast Delivery (2020-12-10)
Extremely authentically manufactured . I thought it was genuine until I saw the WPG stamp.

Mike S - UK
Great Holster and Super Fast Delivery! (2020-11-02)
The holster is a beautiful natural leather that takes oil with ease. When I first received the holster, the leather was quite stubborn but a little bath in warm water as directed certainly did the trick. I took the advice of another reviewer and I used the plastic bag the holster came in to keep my 1911 dry during the holster’s shaping. It was a good idea but a whole bunch of water got inside and swamped the pistol so check your bag for holes if it’s your best option for this process. Very pleased overall.

Andrés - US
Great (2020-05-01)
Second one I've purchased. Excellent quality, applied a small amount of neetsfoot oil and looks amazing.

Jenner - UK
Great (2020-03-22)
Quality item, excellent. Very impressed with the standard of workmanship on this item. Quite quick shipping also.

Jenner - UK
Out standing (2020-03-10)
Nice clean lines, precise stitching and rivet placement and finish. This holster only required a small amount of work to mold it to the pistol and to work the leather to a smooth soft feel and achieve a nice color. Highly recommend this holster. Will buy again if I ever need another.

Feldmeyer - US
Fast Delivery (2019-09-14)
Good leather and precise shape. I was amazed.

Better than the original (2019-09-01)
Raw leather holster made in India wouldn't accept my 1911A1 .45 pistol. I liberally applied Hubetrd's Shoe Grase inside and out and jammed the pistol inside and twisted it back and forth until it was well seated. Then I kept it in a plastic bag overnight. When I removed it from the bag I found it has molded itself tom the pistol and add it absorbed the Huberd's, it became softer and took on a dark, rich antique golden brown that prominently displays the embossed US. Looks like a true vintage holster now.

G - Texas/USA
Fast delivery (2019-05-15)
Best quality!

Wilson - US
Perfection (2019-04-29)
Quality and Fast Shipping....Kudos!

Rick O - US
Holster (2016-08-25)
Heavy leather fits my 1945, .45 perfectly. Seasoned the leather with Hubbards shoe grease to soften and darken leather. Placed the auto in a plastic bag and let sit overnight. Great fit and aged appearance. Looks like an original!

John - San Antonio
Excellent holster (2016-03-25)
Great quality, fitted it and with 4 coates of oil looks great!

Patton - CA
Fast delivery (2016-02-28)
Very nice product, the holster is a very nice reproduction.

Morency - US
Great (2016-02-19)
A very nice, thick leather Holster.

Sledge Z - US
John (2015-03-24)
great holster and very quick service

hart - CA
US M1916 Hip Holster (2014-03-09)
Very pleased with the item. Well made, good quality.

Krupa - US
1916 Holster (2013-10-21)
Great holster. Followed instructions, soaking the holster thoroughly, and used the bag from shipment to wrap the 1911. Fits great; now to age and darken the leather...

Matt T. - US
US M1916 Hip Holster (2013-05-22)
Nice Holster. Looks great, and quality made. M1911 Colt .45 does not fit in it, however I haven''t tried water soaking it yet, so it might. Other annoying thing is, you''ve got to tie your own leg band fob.

Jeremy - OHIO USA
holster (2013-05-08)
sits on my belt well followed the wet form insttructions and it holds my colt nicely
thanks again

McMurtrie - AU
Great 1916 holster (2012-09-10)
Great looking holster, comes in natural undyed leather just like the real ones. After a couple of coats of neetsfoot or mink oil, looks like the real deal, and my .45 Blank gun fits great after wet forming the holster. Much better than using a rotted out original.

Charlie - US
John Cook (2012-04-12)
I am very satisfied with my holster. High quality leather.

Cook - US
Holster (2012-02-28)
1916 Holster is great very good Repro, Fast Delivery only 4 days

Pete - NZ
Satisfied in Ft Worth (2012-01-06)
I was amazed how quickly it arrived from the warehouse! Yes, was initially a tight fit but leather is like that. The oil darkened it nicely. Very satisfied!

Toney - US
M1916 Hip Holster (2011-09-15)
After a bit of linseed oil and leather luster my holster looked as if it was from the period. My weapon fits into the holster like a glove. A cracking piece of kit!

Slesser - US
Holster (2011-08-22)
Fast shipping and great Holster

Bob - US
finally a quality holster (2011-07-23)
I went through several just plain bad repro holsters before I found this one online. I have a 1918 original holster and side by side the quality is more than comparable. Very nice!

Joel - Oregon/USA
very nice! (2011-06-03)
What a great holster. Fast shipping,good seller.

Matsuda - JP
US 1916 holster (2011-02-27)
The product is great! The original must have looked like this when new!

Lindbo - NO
1916 holster (2011-01-26)
quality merchandise and prompt service.

Reed - US
Holster (2010-10-29)
A great holster. The delivery was promt.

Lahtinen - FI
US M1916 Hip Holster (2010-10-08)
Great Repro, after soaking in warm water, I used a plastic repro 45 pistol to shape the holster. My real 45 fits in perfectly.

Klau - AU
US M 1916 hip holster (2010-06-09)
i have receeived yesterday the your's m 1916 hip's very very good and in all similar to the original, i'm very happy! Thank you for all... and to the next order!!!

Best Repop Holster (2010-05-29)
This is the only reproduction 1916 holster out there that is a match to originals. It needs to be wetted down to fit to your 1911, but this is an easy process. After a few coats of neatsfoot oil and some time in the sun and dirt, these darken up to look like an original field used holster. This is a great product!

Darrek - Iowa, USA
WALES (2010-05-26)
After soaking fitted well and looks just like my original...

Very Nice Indeed!!! (2010-04-03)
I have not bought my Colt 45 yet but should be getting that in a few weeks.

I must admit that I am a bit scared about trying to fit it into the holster. Hope everything works OK.

Did the GI's during WWII have to go to the trouble of getting their 1911s into the holster? Looks like that would have been a major hassle considering that we were trying to get guys trained and in combat quickly.

Quality is great and is dead on.

Kaufman - US
Perfect (2010-01-07)
Great quality, colour comes up nice with a bit of oil and dubbin.

Chris - NZ
-- (2009-11-11)
The hip holster was a great item. My nephew loved it!

Very nice item (2009-09-25)
I appreciate the guidance on how to wet and shape the holster with the weapon inside it, as it arrives looking too small to accommodate a 1911A1, as others have noted. It looks great and I like that it can slip on a conventional belt or be worn on US webbing.

Mac - CA
US M1916 Hip Holster (2009-08-31)
Holster is excellent. The leather color is a dead-on match for original unissued leather items.

Jordan - US
LT. (2009-07-09)
A nice repop for field use.

Cranwell - US
british para helmet and 45cal us holster (2009-06-22)
I liked the helmet and holster. I had a little trouble puting the chin straps on but everything worked out. Thank you.

zayas - US
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