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Hawkins Mine looks like the real deal! (2022-03-01)
Real authentic.

Teo - Maine, USA
Hawkins Mine looks like the real deal! (2022-03-01)
Ready for my next airborne jump. Real authentic addition to my kit.

Teo - Maine, USA
Hawkins Mine (2020-12-27)
This is a lot bigger and sturdier than I expected. It arrived in 3 days even during the pandemic and Christmas rush.

Tong - US
super fast delivery (2020-11-21)
I have been surprized fo receive my purchase so fast
Thank you very much

Amazing quality (2020-04-16)
love the mine, updated the crusher plate too! fast delivery, great communication!

Meadows - US
Excellent !! (2020-02-23)
A wonderful product and great quality!!

Fletcher - FR
ok (2019-05-18)
fast delivery for France abd good product

fast delivery (2018-08-20)
Met expectations

Wallick - US
Great Service! (2018-07-30)
Mine arrived damaged, but I received a replacement the next day!!! Super impressed by the mine. Amazed at the customer service!

Roy - Arizona
Solid Repro (2018-07-12)
Good, solid, heavy reproduction of the No.75. One of the better one's out there. Well worth the price.

Roger - Ontario/Canada
Hawkins Mine (2017-12-26)
Great item, thanks

Harbs - US
Nice mine but damaged (2017-10-26)
Have ordered several items from them in the past but I got the Hawkins mine and it had a huge dent in the mine. It’s a solid product but they shipped it in a bag with no bubble wrap or any protection.

carbajal - US
Great job on this peice (2017-09-07)
I was happy to get this but it could have had a retaining pin with the lanyard that the real mine had to contain the acid ignition source for the mine but I just bought a 4" cotter pin to substitute. I also needed to buy or make a strap to wear it on my leg like most Paratroopers did for D-day but that's also available from WPG so I can't say they didn't think of it. in all it looks good & is well made.

Raccio - US
1 Week for France 🇫🇷 very speedy !! (2017-08-19)
Nice product and very speedy delivery !

marechal - FR
Perfect... (2016-05-09)
This thing is perfect - and heavy. BEWARE - the leg straps carried by WPG are not nearly long enough to use with the mine.

Santiago - US
Hawkins Mine (2016-03-14)
great product and excellent repro

castorina - US
WONDERFUL Products (2016-02-01)
Outstanding product and fast shipping

castorina - US
Hawkins Mine (2015-12-11)
outstanding in every respect

castorina - US
Hawkins Mine (2015-11-09)
Looks great! Delivery was super fast. A great addition to my Airborne impression. Thank you!

Bowman - US
Hawkins mine and Officer's Chocolate shirt (2015-09-21)
Hawkins mine a precise replica, detailed and very well made. The officer's chocolate elastique shirt was well made and fit perfect after a small alteration of the neck button to accommodate my neck size. After installing the 82ndAB shoulder emblem and Captain's collar bars and infantry insignia, the shirt looked outstanding!
Thanks much.
Roy Stewart
Bellefonte, PA

Stewart - US
Good (2015-08-25)
This ones quality is amazing and more then I expected.

Eye - US
Hawkins mine (2015-05-18)
purchased this item for my collection and show at events, great bit of kit, great quality again well done wpg

Michael - united kingdom
Hawkins mine (2015-04-10)
Purchased a Hawkins mine for my British Infantry landing impression, came quickly, even from the states, well packaged and looking beautiful. Lovely bit of kit and very chuffed with the item itself and the speed of service

Thanks very much


Thatcher - GB
US Hawkins Mines (2014-08-19)
Perfect reproduction and send too quick!!!!! Wounderfull!

lopes - BR
hawkins mine (2013-09-22)
Looks great in my display case that I take around to schools when I talk about WW II US Airborne Operations

Dahlke - US
Hawkins Grenade (2013-07-15)
Pretty good repro. Could use a retainer pin and more realistic igniter, but a decent item nonetheless.

Vistun - US
grenade (2013-05-30)
verry good

Hawkins Mine (2013-05-26)
Original order arrived damaged & WPG quickly & promptly sent a replacement; spot-on reproduction looks almost exactly like the original - WELL DONE!

Lewis - US
hawkins mine (2012-09-12)
Love this product. Great look and feel for the right price.

Dillier - US
Hawkins mine (2012-04-25)
The reproduction hawkins mine is a well built training device. it looks like it should and it has some weight to it. It is just like the real thing except it is inert. It has the tabs to connect the wires to and it is painted and detailed like the real thing. I' give this 10 stars if I could.

Jansen - US
Perfect Mark II (2012-04-09)
I was reviewing the comments and there are a couple customers that state the back is wrong. They are wrong. This is clearly a Mark II model. The Mark I had the inverted "V" on the back plate and used the two piece fuse that the "V" crushed when run over. This repro is the Mark II which used a different one piece fuse. The fuse had a striker sticking out the top and when the plate was crushed, the plate pushed down on the striker which in turn broke the internal acid vial which set off the primer and blasting cap. If you doubt me, check Dave Gordon''s book "Weapons of the WWII Tommy" pages 470-473. This repro is perfect. I have three!

Ray - California
Great item (2011-12-17)
This is a great item A++++++

Henrik - DK
Mine (2011-08-30)
AWESOME, just adding it to the impression

Hurst - US
back side is wrong (2011-08-24)
The front looks great, but the back side plate doesn''t have the indentation like the originals. Seems like this could be an easy fix to make it more authentic.

R - CA
No. 75 Mk II Hawkins mine (2011-05-19)
Received the Hawkins today after lightning fast shipping. Hard to believe I Ordered this on Monday and Thursday morning its on my doorstep from the Dubai Warehouse. Bang up job as always! The Mine compares perfectly with photos I have of the real mine. This will look awesome with my Airborne Impression!

Wayne - Cincinnati Ohio
Collector (2011-04-14)
A fine reproduction that adds significantly to my collection. Delivery was fast and trouble-free.

Hamer - US
US Hawkins Mine (2011-03-09)
Excellent item as always.Will continue to purchase off Jerry in the future. Price & Delivery "A1".

Rickell - GB
Hawkins Mine (2011-02-09)
Great repro! Thanks

Wheeler - US
Hawkins mine (2010-10-31)
Good solid reproduction. A little too much shine and weight.

Crebbs - US
Great Repro (2010-08-20)
At least I "hope" its a repro - looks really good! Thanks and super quick ship as well

McKinney - US
WALES (2010-05-26)
Brilliant repro and weighty too...

Authentic (2009-12-26)
Gives a nice touch to the uniform, worn with 2 leg straps on the jump boots

Nick - Germany
Best quality (2009-10-12)
It's big, and nice product!

Pntek - HU
Great (2009-10-03)
love it! one of my favorites in my collection! it''s a really nice reproduction and will be great for my 101st market garden impression. very pleased!

Jake - USA
Hawkins mine (2009-09-17)
Excellent repro looks good havent worn it yet .

Lumb - US
US Hawkins Mine (2009-07-29)
Super reproduction of a neat little item! As usual, service was great and shipment arrived in good condition. Looks just like an original!!

Ed Corley - US
hawkins mine (2009-07-19)
very good reproduction postage is fast thanks to WPG

alexis - FR
A+ (2009-07-07)
Great addition to the uniform, again did not dissapoint!

Serfass - US
Hawkins Mine (2009-06-06)
Excellent repro WPG's stuff is always great never dissappoints

Touchette - US
A! (2009-05-24)
Greater than I expected. Really close to the original ones. Great Job!!!

Harnpattananpanich - US
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