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Fast delivery (2022-12-11)
Item as described.

Holcomb - US
fantastic (2022-06-10)
as good as if not better than original

Rose - US
Fast (2021-11-02)
Graet leg straps . very tight

Pace - US
Well Made (2021-10-09)
Looks to be good quality

Kisser - US
Leg strap (2020-12-29)
Good quality and always quick and simple service.

Fred - Florida
Great! (2020-09-28)
Shipping was fast and straps are perfect!

McCorkle - US
Quick delivery (2019-11-19)
My leg strap fit great around my leg, holding my knife in place as it should. I thought it was to short but once I attached it it fit perfect.

Miller - US
Quality repro at decent cost (2019-06-04)
Fast shipping, nice product

Shipley - US
Excellent leg strap (2019-04-14)
This is just the right size to strap an M3 knife to your leg.

Excellent quality. New manufacture. An accurate, usable reproduction.

Will buy again.

Jim Potts - US
A bit short but seems strong (2018-09-17)
A bit shorter that I expected, but work fine. Delivery was fine.

Gomez - CA
Leg strap (2018-04-09)
Good quality item and very fast shipping!

Franklin - AU
Well made (2017-03-28)
This leg strap is well made and a great price. Holds up to all the stress of the field.

Fast Delivery (2016-06-23)
Item I needed, fast delivery from UAE.

Cantwell - US
superb (2016-02-21)
Spot on, thank you

Kitcher - UK
Leg Strap (2015-03-02)
Works perfectly for what I use it for. Set it tight and it stays tight.

Nick - CA, USA
I love these. (2015-01-03)
I ordered two of these and was extremely pleased with them.

They're a bit short and I can only get them around my knee, but that works great because they fit just below the cargo pockets on the camouflage (and non-camo) military trousers I wear while shooting or going on walks through my grandparent's 90-acre field.

So, they work pretty well.

Iowa - Winfield
US leg strap (2014-12-23)
the canvas appeared good and the buckle strong. I would have preferred slightly longer for easier fit.

Reed - US
Leg Strap. (2014-11-01)
Excellent quality, webbing is nice and sturdy, stitching is solid as is the hardware. Color is good, your fighting knife isn't going anywhere.

Zachary - US
Us leg strap (2014-10-13)
Highly recommend. Canvas and hardware top notch. Very fast delivery.

Halter - US
No complaints (2013-12-17)
Gets the job done

Carlson - US
US Leg Strap (2013-08-12)
Perfect shipping time, Well made, but it should be a little bit longer.

Perzi - AT
Leg strap (2013-04-19)
Guess I like them this my 3rd.

Johnson - US
leg strap (2013-03-08)
Just what I wanted as far as quality.

Scott - US
British Airborne Beret (2012-11-20)
This recent order was for several items, all of high quality. British Airborne Beret, Leg ties and a US Satchel Charge bag. The quality of each item is very high quality. The shipping was very fast!

Kegel - US
leg strap (2012-09-12)
I like this produce. Well made, godd price. I would only say that maybe offer a slightly longer one also. I have larger calf mussles and can bairly get the top one on.

Dillier - US
Perfect (2012-08-29)
Exactly what I have been looking for to tie up stuff to my Ford GPW

Luetz-Hawranke - CH
US Leg Strap (2012-08-05)
Quality size and service are perfect

Johnson - US
leg strap (2012-07-16)
any paratrooper would be proud to own these straps. works fantastic.

huss - US
Perfect (2012-01-08)
Just compare it with original period webbings. If originals wouldn't be available, I'd evenly use it for repair WWII original gear.

Ricciardi - IT
Leg strap (2011-07-02)
Just what I wanted. Very quick delivey.

Haley - US
Good quality (2011-06-25)
Great strap!

Bengtsson - SE
US Leg strap (2011-05-26)
Good quality, very pleased

Kohlmorgen - DE
us leg strap (2011-03-23)
nicely done

Stanley - US
Great Quality (2011-02-25)
Useful, Correct. From my personal, limited but multiple experiences, I became very confident about the quality of WPG products, since my very first purchase. A rare case of precious balance between quality & expenses -S&H included, which is extraordinarily convenient, astonishingly fast (anyone who lives in Italy, like me, will immediately catch what I mean) & 100% trustworthy. A pleasure.

Ricciardi - Italy
Pleased with purchase (2011-02-15)
Great quality, great price, and fast shipping.

Hiett - US
US Leg Strap (2011-01-30)
Very good quality. Shipping only took a week to Alabama.

Bednarczyk - US
Leg Straps (2011-01-19)
Very well made. Meant to go around the calf. Recommend it to any airborne re-inactor.

Wight - CA
Excellent! But... (2011-01-07)
Execllent quality and design. Worst part was the [relatively] slow delivery from Dubai compared to previous orders from the 'States, but I can't fault the product for that!

Watanabe - US
Exactly What's Intended To Be (2010-12-05)
Lightning Fast Delivery; I took a little time before rating just to have a bit of an idea about the qualities of the items.
Canvas it's excellent, it doesn't frays & performs just like the original was intended to do. The OD is just right, hardware is OK. Recommended

Ricciardi - IT
Quick Ship (2010-08-20)
Thanks! Ultra fast shipping!!!

McKinney - US
US Leg Strap (2010-08-15)
Can't go wrong with an extra leg strap.

Panacy - US
Leg strap (2010-08-06)
Well made, very pleased.

Albert - NL
WALES (2010-05-26)
Well made and functional for all the extra gear...

Leg straps (2010-05-11)
Great strap.

Jim - US
US Leg Strap (2010-05-01)
Good quality. Very well made.

Cole - GB
Nice (2010-01-14)
Strap works well. Identical to originals I have!

Sawyer - US
Functional (2009-12-26)
I bought three and it keeps an M3 and a Hawkins Mine tight to my leg

Nick - Germany
US Leg Strap (2009-11-04)
I have a couple of originals and these are exactly identical.

Cunneen - US
leg strap (2009-09-17)
Ive bought a bunch from you they work great look great cant be with out them

Lumb - US
US Leg Strap (2009-07-09)
Looks great, always pleased with gear from WPG

Hutton - US
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