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delivery was ok (2021-01-02)
been 50 years (literally) since I've had one of these. It seems to be a good replica. Last one I owned had Israeli markings. BTW you also offer it in green. Pretty sure it only made in Khaki Clar & Khaki Fonce.

Bric - US
Almost perfect (2020-11-08)
Didn't realize how much I love slouch hats until I saw this thing. Quality is excellent, but my only gripe is that the snap was a bit loose for my liking - was able to tighten it using coats of clear nail polish.

Macey - United States
outstanding hat (2020-09-10)
Very well made hat. Looks like an original French bush hat Perfect for wear in both and hot temperatures Very quick delivery!

Steve - South Dalota
Good quality (2020-08-20)
The quality is superior relative to the other similar French bush hats in the market place. I have not seen the original French production, so I am nit sure how it compares to the original.

Duong - US
Perfect (2020-05-11)
Very close to the original. Military grade quality, and super fast delivery.

Jesper - Denmark
Great company (2020-05-08)
I have a lot of hats, so I am very picky. This hat is very well made, and the design is exquisite. One of my favorites!

Hemphill - US
Happy (2020-02-16)
Well constructed, good for NZ climate- all the best

White - NZ
Impressed (2020-01-17)
Ordered the hat Friday a week ago .. got it two days ago: mind .. I live in Germany! Amazon around here sometimes take that long.
Good quality hat as one might expect form a military item. Functional and not the finest handcrafting but surly what I was looking for.

Till Ehrhorn - Germany
Great! (2020-01-14)
Ordered a size 60cm and is fit my 7 & 1/2 head perfectly. Fabric appeared slightly shiny out of the box. After washing and rinsing,the texture and color drastically improved. Now working on shaping. Very pleased with quality, sizing, and price.

Smith - US
Nice Hat (2020-01-09)
Nice repro hat, well made.

Holland - US
Great hat (2019-02-11)
I wanted one of these 30+ years ago when there were a lot avaliable surplus. I never ended up with one and the surplus market eventually dried up. Stumbled across this in the catalog and finally have one. As best I can remember this is as good as any I remember seeing back then, except newer and cleaner.

Wheeler - US
outstading bush hat!! (2018-09-21)
This hat is very well made. Not made out out of flimsy material but good heavy material. I highly recommend this hat for anyone who lives in hot areas Looks sharp too

Steve - Arizona/United States
Love the French bush hat (2018-08-11)
I ordered this hat with a set of the repro French lizard uniform. It appears well made and goes well with the time period of the camo set.

Outstanding bush hat. (2018-08-08)
10 out of 10 for materials and workmanship.

Bill in Issaquah. - US
French Bush Hat (2018-07-26)
Best reproduction of the famous "Chapeau de Brusse" hands down. I own 8 original French Army bush hats from the Algerian-Indochina War. Place them side by side, can't tell the difference! Indistinguishable! Same color,weight, button, snap.
Like the originals, these repros fit BIG! If you cant find a 60 a 58 should work . I ordered a 60 & its more than large enough! Best of all, it's tough & comfortable! I live in Florida (It's 95 outside, with 100% humidity as I write) so it's a superb hot weather hat. Can't beat the price either! Originals go from anywhere between $75-$100. Very, very, nice hat, & spot on clone of the original!

Michael - Florida
Great and hard to find hat (2018-06-29)
Go to size. Good heavy construction. Close as you can get to an original. Thanks for getting French Indochina War stuff

Reed - US
Very nice. (2018-04-24)
My husband had one and then my oldest son wanted one too. Very well made and sturdy

Andrea - US
WILD COLOR (2018-04-08)
Construction, stitching, hardware & chinstrap all very close to original with good attention to detail. Unfortunately the colour is quite off. Mine is darker than what it looks like in the WPG image and it is a golden-orangish khaki which is nothing like the many originals I have seen. Perhaps this is so the colour does not wash out completely after multiple washings. (1 wash has not changed it much, if at all)
SIZE: Mine is slightly larger than a size 57 I am used to but this comes in handy once you wash the hat and it contracts slightly. (not shrinking) Can be easily stretched back.

French Bush Hat (2018-02-01)
Very close to my original. Little color and stitching difference, but I imagine that varied from lot to lot. I was surprised at how close to my original this hat is. Great reproduction hat thanks.

Greg - Ohio
French bush hat (2017-12-23)
Outstanding hat!! Perfect copy of the original. Nice heavy material so you can shape it any way you like Very fast shipping Get one while you can

steve - Rapid City,SD
AMAZAED (2017-11-28)
Jerry, arrived wear every day here in hot Florida. your products are the best online!

elliott - US
french bush hat (2017-11-27)
had a one years ago, this is exact copy! love it here in SW Florida, wear every day. have two bush jackets from you also! your products are the best online!!

elliott - US
Super (2017-11-17)
Bought it for my husband and he's very happy with it.

Andrea - US
Can"t believe how quick I recieved it (2017-11-14)
The Hat was quite well made. I am quite pleased with it

Shafer - US
Nice hat, exactly what i was looking for (2017-10-30)
Nice hat, exactly what i was looking for

Zamora - FR
Fantastic hat. (2017-08-05)
Great hat, so great in fact, I bought two.

AlanN - US
French bush hat (2017-07-28)
I am very satisfied with this hat. Very well made. Can be shaped any way you want it Wide brim keeps sun off your eyes and neck. Highly recommended! Quick shipping and great communication with this company

steve - Rapid City,SD
Great hat fast delivery (2017-07-17)
I'm a hat guy and I know what to look for. This is an authentic well made product. Wasn't available in my size which is 7 however when blocked and shaped very comfortable. If you're reading this review you'd better get yours before they're gone.

Hudgins - US
Parfait (2017-07-08)
Perfect "chapeau brousse"pour une expedition à la route coloniale 4 en Indochine .

Mike - California
French Bush Hat (2017-06-17)
Bought one as soon as they were available, and it does not disappoint! Tall crown telescopes down properly like the originals and the fabric is a good heavy tan khaki. I've been wearing mine daily and it has developed a nice broken in salty patina.

Toussant - U.S.