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Feels quality, fast shipping (2022-07-30)
I can't speak on the accuracy historically of the vest, but it was suggested to people who are more historically enclosed than myself. I was impressed with the feel of it and its looks. It feels heavy duty and like it will last a long time. I was also impressed with WPG's shipping cost and how fast they got it to me. I will definitely do business with them again!

John - Kentucky
Great Reproduction (2021-10-19)
Really top notch reproduction. Fast shipping.

Alexander - US
Superb Quality (2021-06-06)
I purchased your Mae West life vest and I’m really satisfied—thanks!

Carrico - US
The Best (2021-02-13)
As always WPG provides well made & accurate products that always enhance my display needs.

Brimecombe - US
great life vest (2020-09-25)
very pleased with the vest. super authentic.

dudrow - US
Oh Mae! (2020-08-13)
The vest is made of good quality materials and appears to be quite durable. The weight and feel of the vest is accurate. Rubber is used inside to simulate bladders. Attention to detail is apparent. Brass grommets and reinforcements are used wherever tubing passes through the fabric to the bladders just like the original. CO2 inflators as well as oral inflation tubes and fittings were nicely copied. Fabric color is good in my opinion.

I have just a few minor complaints.
1. The inspection and date stamps. The inspection stamp font is too modern. Most would have been stenciled “INSP”. Date stamp font and format is incorrect. It was dated 21-11-41. This format is incorrect for the era. Most originals that I have encountered or owned myself, have dates applied by stencil in the following formats. 4-12-43 or 4/12/43 . My suggestion to the manufacturer is to omit these markings in further batches. This will allow the buyer to apply dates that are appropriate for their impression. I used acetone and a rag to gently remove the markings from the leather patch. I applied my own markings with stencils made on a 1940’s era stencil press that I have access to.

2. Manufacturer's information stamp. The information is fine and the date of manufacture is left blank. Good. The manufacturer is listed as WPG INC. I’d personally prefer them to use the name of one of the original manufacturers, but I understand why they did it this way and it’s not really a big deal.

These reproductions are the best I’ve seen and I’m proud to own one. I changed the inspection markings and weathered the vest a bit to appear “broken-in”. I applaud WPG in their efforts and encourage others to consider purchasing a B-3 from them in the future.

Randy - CT, United States
Perfect for my FAM youtube video (2020-05-26)
Thank you for the high quality reproduction! It was perfect for my FAM uniform video

Stinson - US
Brilliant (2020-03-20)
Great product, looks conpletely genuine and whats more feels it too...great attention to detail.

Maher - IE
Fantastic B3 Life Vest (2020-02-11)
Material and construction match my original B4 vest perfectly. Great job! How about reproducing the dye marker and shark chaser packets? Thanks for the great service.

Cliburn - US
Nice object! (2019-08-17)
Very Happy of my Life preserver!

What an amazing reproduction (2019-08-16)
The US B-3 Mae West is like an original right away dropping out of the production lane. Of course it is not functional but it appears to be for sure! Excellent value for its price and you should grab one before they are sold out. Really cool stuff.
Delivery was unbelievably fast and the service provided by WPG is the best I have ever experienced. Nothing can top it for sure.

Ruschek - DE
Awesome (2019-07-29)
Very happy with WPG'S Product

Jones  - US
Mae west vest (2019-07-06)
Very nice product, well made! Very fast delivery, A+ Very pleased!

Pari - US
WPG the best 5***** for all (2019-06-27)
a truly extraordinary product!

Bruno - FR
Fine! (2019-06-06)
With out a doubt the finest reproduction I've seen to date! thanks!

Jim - US
Mea West (2019-05-21)
Very satisfied with the Mea West it was good enough for professional photographers to take 1000s of photos of & will serve me well as I Jump from C-47s. The color is good it’s very sturdy which is a plus does NOT have the real CO2 & dye pack so don’t go looking for it but I couldn’t fly with it if it had one so I could not say I’m disappointed about that. Everyone I showed it to loved it & wanted one them selves 5 out of 5 10out of 10 would recommend any day of the week

Raccio - US
Totally (2019-04-02)
I live in France. Lifevest and what a beauty arrived like one week later! Great service. Thank you

Green - FR
Great (2019-02-14)
Very good B3 quality, delivered quickly. I strongly recommend.

Nathalie - FR
Still waiting but it's an DHL mistake (2019-01-28)

The WPG answer is really fast. 5 stars for it.
But for the moment, DHL has lost my packet somewhere in France and I'm still waiting for my Mea west.

Lindner - FR
Super Fast. Arrive just for the day of Kings (2019-01-07)
Amazing reproduction, very surprised with the vest

Orlan - ES
B-3 Mae West (2019-01-02)
I highly recommended this product. The details are all there and the construction is very sturdy. Looks great next to original

Samuel - US
Fast and serious (2018-12-30)
Good communication with the seller. This B3 Mae West life preserver is perfect. I'm ready for jump over Normandy in june 2019...

Eric - FR
Great looking B-3 vest (2018-09-11)
Quality and looks are great for this remake of the classic aviators life vest. Wish there was more USN circa 1942 aviators gear available. I'm sure you would do a fantastic job with it.

RG Thorson - US
Super (2018-08-30)
received in good order. They look great!

Pharand - CA
Absolutely perfect (2018-07-06)
Absolutely amazed at the quality and the speed of delivery, especially for the price of both. I just got a chance last weekend to compare it to an original at the USS Intrepid museum and was shocked at how perfect the repro was, better than some I've seen for 2x the price.

Merrifield - US
Me West (2018-06-17)
Very pleased with the whole transaction. Item is well made and accurately do e. Always happy with the quality WPG delivers.

Cooper - US
fast delivery (2018-02-27)
very accurate looking, right down to the simulated CO2 cartridges to inflate the two chambers on the vest. nicely done!

Gianakos - US
Amazing Reproduction (2018-02-06)
WPG does it again! This B-3 life preserver looks like it is a current issue vest that never got to see combat. It is that authentic. The look, feel, even the smell are 100% aithentic. And at this price it is literally a steal. SM Whole Sale is selling one that is not as nice (a reproduction) at nearly three times the price.

Kevin - Colorado USA
Perfect reproduction (2018-01-30)
WPG did it again! This B-3 is stunning! It looks like an unissued original in every way. And at the current discounted sale price it is a steal! There is another company selling a repro at nearly three times the price and it is not nearly as nice as this one. As always, amazingly quick delivery and great communication and tracking with DHL. This is going to be a great addition to my WWII ETO Pilots impression.

Kevin - Parker Colorado USA
Super (2017-11-08)
Great vest but the the back strap is sewn backwards. Anyway, very authentic.

Incredible Reproduction! (2017-10-28)
The details and manufacturing on this item - the US B-3 Mae West - is outstanding, and especially considering the price. Well done WPG!!

Warburton - CA
good quality, fast shipment! (2017-08-29)
good quality, fast shipment!

Aerens - BE
excellent (2017-08-14)
This B4 Mae West is an excellent reproduction. The quality of the material used is sturdy and the fittings are realistic. DHL did not meet their original delivery date by some 4 days, but for an international delivery it still came quickly.

Stewart - US
Mae w (2017-08-08)
Great quality reproduction. Fast delivery. Very pleased.

Krupa - US
Fast Shipping! (2016-09-28)
Very Authentic reproduction and they were willing to ship to a deployed unit no less!

Ron - US
Amazing (2016-08-25)
Love the quality and look of this reproduction.

Nunn - US
Fantastic delivery time. (2016-08-23)
This life preserver really looks the part. Finishes off my USAAC outfit nicely.

Roberts - GB
Amzing (2016-06-24)
Great reproduction or the B-3. It's almost perfect.

Musser - US
delivery was ok to uk (2016-06-23)
in UK DHL lost package was delivered late.
WPG are brilliant , UK DHL post is garbage.
product is ok .

Brown - UK
Fast (2016-04-20)
very happy with the items.

astbury - UK
Small foul up on delivery (2016-04-20)
Great item, very pleased with quality.

astbury - UK
Fast Delivery, Great quality! (2016-04-11)
US B-3 Mae West - great reproduction.
I hope you'll consider doing flight helmets!

Dauenheim - US
Best repro on the market (2016-03-29)
I liked this B-3 so much that I bought a second one for display and kept my first one for wearing with my pilot kit. Excellent work and great product for the price.

Whigham - US
B3 Mae West (2015-09-28)
thanks for the B-3 mae west it is fitting in our private museum it will be on display soon.

Susko - US
Mae West vest (2015-07-20)
Nice work on the vest. Looks very close to the original, color is a little darker but very close. Can't wait to use it at next event.

Pace - US
Mae West (2015-05-11)
WOW! Fantastic job folks! Really! I am so impressed with this thing. A very good reproduction to say the least!

Fantastic (2015-03-02)
The Mae West came fast. Excellent quality. A nice addition to my collection.

Dyer - US
US B-3 Mae West (2015-02-11)
Una réplica muy bien hecha, de buena calidad y precio adecuado.

casariego - ES
B-3 (2015-01-14)
Superb reproduction! I have an original, from my great uncle which was in rough condition, and this is an exact match down to the fittings. Looks like it was just issued. Great job! Museum quality! Great price and great shipping!

Horncastle - CA
B-3 Mae West (2015-01-07)
Copia veramente ben fatta e con materiali molto robusti. Dalle foto degli originali viste mi sembra molto fedele. Ideale complemento per i re-enactors di aviatori e paracadutisti americani.

Copy really well made and very sturdy materials. From the photos of the original views seem very loyal. Ideal supplement to the re-enactors of American aviators and paratroopers.

Max Paladino - Siracusa - IT
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