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Really impressed (2020-10-02)
As always WPG has what you want, true to description, really well made kit, and great prices.

Order with confidence.

Oram  - CA
WPG top quality (2020-08-11)
As always, WPG deliver what they promised, handle and head are good quality original items.
I already have a well used set for display and re-enacting. This set is for use in living history displays, teaching kids how to dig a shell scrape.

Neale - AU
No issues (2020-06-08)
Good service

Hively - US
Good looking original piece. (2020-04-07)
I got one marked 1944 (pretty cool to say the least with so few left in inventory). It certainly has seen better days with its patchwork of paint and rough helve lines that don't quite fit together 100%, but I chalked all that up to wartime economies of manufacturing that are an interesting product of the times (it has that battle-worn look to it that's great). Pick up one of these originals while you can! You won't find them for a better deal in price and shipping time/cost!

Hocking - US
Nice (2019-10-15)
Very good condition for age and service. Nice user variant for the collection.

Cameron - CA
WW2 Canadian soldier impression (2017-07-01)
This tool is perfect to complete my Canadian soldier impression. Great condition, very sturdy and vell well made for the time it has!

Lachance - CA
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