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Super (2021-06-22)

dubose - US
Very Good (2019-12-27)
A good fit - sizes are accurate. Very happy with purchase.

Richardson - US
US shaving kit (2018-10-28)
Very nice shaving kit that looks very authentic. Using this for USN shore party reenacting.

Popiela - US
Review (2018-03-14)
Well, Jerry sure hit the spot on this little jewel!
I have a long background as a living historian with the National Park Service. One thing that we were taught while attending school with the NPS, is that it's the little things that count. My area of interest is the Pershing Punitive Expedition, and unfortunately the troops were still shaving with the straight razor!!!!!. Lefties do not shave with the straight razor!
Still 'n all, Jerry you really hit the mark on this one.
Now, how about getting to work on the issue drawers, and under shirts.

-Mick, Arizona

Montgomery - US
Nice (2017-11-25)
Nice kit.

Jim - US
US Shaving Kit, Outstanding item (2017-11-09)
I am very pleased with this shave kit. I is almost identical to an original that I have in my collection. I look forward to years of use from it.

Maddox - US
Neat kit (2017-07-15)
Looks awesome. Works as intended.

Alatorre - US
Great little shaving kit (2017-07-13)
I was very happy with this little kit looks great and shaves pretty good too. Tried it out at home and can't wait to use it in the field, a lot safer than my old straight razor lol.

VieBrooks - US
Fast delivery (2017-07-02)
Great bit of gear. Nicely packaged.

Ryan - AU
fast delivery (2017-06-29)
Everything is top notch, your quality is amazing, and the depth of your catalogue is fantastic. Thank you so much for all that you do!

Cornwell - US
Yes, amazing. (2017-06-22)
This is a great deal and I've not seen anything as close to being right and super fast delivery.

Faltesek - US
Buy for the Case and Blades (2017-06-22)
The case is top-notch. It is well-constructed and keeps the disassembled razor and spare blades in a nice neat package. Regrettably, the safety razor which comes in the set is of poor quality, and broke when I attempted to debur the head and tweak it so that the edges were parallel. I would have given the product a 5 star rating but for that issue. I'm not too disappointed about that, though, as I substituted my own razor in the kit, which fits perfectly within just as the other did. All in all, definitely a good purchase for someone looking for a stylish and practical way to carry their safety razor when on campaign or on vacation.

Alex - US