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Excellent (2022-07-29)
I have been wearing the Boots , they are breaking in well

Brooks - US
Nice (2022-04-28)
They are great for your first pair when you start re-enacting. Soles are well made. Leather is a little thin. Definitely put in some comfortable inserts. I'm happy with them.

Henesy - US
Best Price on The Internet (2022-03-09)
These shoes are exactly what I was looking for. Not only that, they were the lowest price that I found on the Internet.

Another Home Run from WPG!

Sturdy shoes (2022-03-01)
A substantial boot which looks great. Size seems accurate and the workmanship good considering the price point. The only issue I have is that the vamp is very tight for me (not usually an issue for me with commercial boots) and I had to stretch them to fit, Not sure if that reflects the cut of the originals or is the last being used.

Alwood - US
Great reproduction ww2 boots (2020-05-24)
I am highly impressed with the quality of this reproduction and it completed the uniform. Thanks!

Stinson - US
Excellent reproduction for early ww2 uniform (2019-10-22)
Very impressed with quality of this reproduction and the very reasonable price. I highly recommend them for early we2 reenactors

Stinson - US
Shipping time was exvellent and affordable (2019-10-04)
Im very happy with the quality of the shoes. They look exactly like the onesissued to my grandfather when the war broke out. Im very satisfied!

Stinson - US
Excellent (2018-08-29)
Excellent quality as usual from What Price Glory.

Gaston - US
US Garrison Shoes (2014-11-14)
I ordered the size 15 E - none of the other vendors go beyond 14 and most are 13. 15 wide is my size and on receipt, the shoes fit perfectly. I noticed another review mentioned the Bataan memorial Death March and that's what I got these for - I wear thew uniform of the New Mexico National Guard Coast Artillery who were at Bataan. I've been using look-alike chukka boots and so happy to have the correct repros!!! I'm wearing them as I write this and will put a good 100 miles on them in preparation for the full walking Bataan marathon of 26.2 miles. As part of my job, I also monitor a WWII event on BLM-managed public land (March on Rome) and do so in period uniform so I don't impact the event with a modern agency uniform. So the garrison shoes will be used for that purpose too. Thanks so much for carrying size 15 E!!!

Bilbo - US
Good boots (2014-06-23)
Boots were shipped very quickly and arrived in good shape. Wore them in the field for 3 days with no problems. Surprisingly comfortable, even when marching or running.

Hofmann - US
garrison shoes amd garrison belt (2014-04-27)
Awesome! They complete the impression!

McKnight - US
Garrison Shoes (2013-06-14)
Received my Garrison Shoes, lightning shipping, have been wearing them for the past four days, outstanding comfort and fit. i will be purchasing another pair.

Schuffels - US
Classic camper (2012-10-05)
Got my boots in short order. I would rate then a 5 except for one small issues. I'm not sure how these compare with the actual shoes of the period but they are a little rough on the inside. I added some supple leather at the heel to soften them a little. Overall they look great and I'm impressed the soles and stitching. I would buy them again.

Maxwell - US
Boots (2012-04-19)
The third pair I have ordered in 6 years. Great boots, they are my daily work boots and hold up very well. Nice quality. Super fast delivery as well.

Lefever - US
US Garrison Shoes (2011-02-06)
Very well made shoes, never wore anything like that before in my life. Might buy another pair, just to have em.

McNary - US
Ankle Boots (2010-07-16)
nkle boots arrived today and look great. The leather feels a bit light but I don't have originals to complare them too. Having said this, they look good enough that I will be wearing these with my "civilian" clothing as well.

Michaud - CA
US Garrison Shoes (2009-12-11)
Very nice shoes, very good made.

Michal - CZ
Good quality (2009-12-04)
Well constructed shoes, but the leather is of poor quality and very thin compared to originals.

Nicolas - France
Good fit (2009-09-10)
Wore them to work to day to break them in - very comfortable for an old leather shoe. Fit well, no squeaks and rubbing, even looked good.

Fronzeo - US
Perfect Repro (2009-08-24)
Great Boots; Perfect Repro!

Matthew - Illinois
US Garrison Shoes (2009-08-17)
Shipping and packing was perfect!!!! Fast delivery and good shipping rates. The quality of the shoes is poor. The leather is very thin and has some damage (from packing or handling, very small cuts!)
Sorry for this bad feedback, but the quality of the product is not what I expected for US 135.00.
Olaf from Germany

Prinz - DE
Excellent shoes (2009-06-11)
Would recommend it

garrison boots (2009-05-03)
Arrived within the week. I like them very much; surprised how well they fit. do you think you'll offer them in black?; or even in a darker earth brown?

lujan - US
The best US Garrison shoes (2008-10-17)
WPG is showing once more the way that things should be done!! Excellent workmanship, leather, and recreation is absolute success. Welldone WPG -

Trifon - Greece
Garrison shoes (2008-09-08)
They look great but I had to send them back as they were too big. I ordered instead the Officer Russet dress shoes but have not received them yet.

Rolls - US
Amazing (2008-05-15)
I got my Garrison Shoes (Size US 7) and the AN-6530 Goggle today, thanks god, the size US 7 of this boots actually fits my feet perfectly (normally I wear the boots of size 8 or 8.5)! I'm so pleased and satisfied with your service and communication, the quality and the workmanship of this boots and Goggle, the AN-6530 is true to orignal, my German friends love it so much, so I'd like to recommend WPG to all my friends, who collect the WWII US Army (Air force) Equipments. Many thanks, Jerry, I'm looking forward to the next purchase of "WWII US Army Officer 4-Pocket-Tunic OD" and will be back in the not too distant future.

Lee - USA
US Garrison Shoes (2008-04-05)
These boots/shoes wear well and are comfortable.
I''ve had mine for over a year and put over 100 miles on them in all weather except snow, including two 15 mile marches through the New Mexico desert as part of the Bataan Memorial Death March. Put a gel insole in them and you won''t have any problem.
If you plan do to serious walking in these like I do it''s best to experiment with socks and insoles. My right foot is larger than my left and I found that a gel insole in the right shoe lifted my foot too much so the rear of my heel rubbed against the molded rear of the shoe, with painful results after 4-5 hours of walking. Moleskin under the heel and ball of the foot is also recommended.
If you''re simply standing around a thin insole and comfortable socks will work well.

Jeff - Cany, OR
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