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No complaints. (2020-06-08)
Nothing to complain off

Hively - US
Excellent (2020-02-26)
Everything was fine I'm very pleased with everything I bought

Robson - AU
Decent quality (2018-08-24)
I received mine this morning. Overall the quality is very good.

The blade on the knife when shipped is sharp enough to cut you but not razor sharp.

Some of the rivets on the handle aren't formed correctly so I will need to take care of those when I have a chance.

Overall though, it appears to be a decent reproduction of the original knives for how much you pay for it.

Only time will tell how well the blade will hold an edge however. When I have had it a few months I may do a further review if I feel it needs a higher or lower rating; for the time being it gets a 4/5.

Thomas - Ireland
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