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Not bad for a Repro (2024-06-26)
I have a 1944 dated clasp knife and this compares pretty well. Appears to be stainless steel vs carbon steel on the original and a couple minor variances with number of rivets in the handle and the size of the washers but the scales themselves seem well made. If you don't have an original this will fill the bill nicely and you can't beat the price! I was very pleased when I opened the box.
Highly recommended!

Ed - Virginia USA
Love this knife (2023-12-12)
Better than jewellery! My husband bought me this as a little holiday gift and I could NOT love it more! Full disclosure: it needed a good oiling and some wiggling about when I received it, but that’s true of any folding knife, really. A wee bit of WD-40 and she’s good. It looks incredibly close to the real thing. Blade is sharp(ish) and screwdriver works magnificently. Marlin spike is fantastic! Tin opener could be sharper, but that’s not a problem. I love love LOVE the heft and feel. I’m going to spend some time sharpening her tomorrow, but I wanted to express how much I already love this piece and how lovely it feels. Excellent! (The perfect gift for the woman in your life!)

AJ - Maryland, USA
Almost the real thing (2022-10-24)
I appreciate that made in china is ink stamp for easy removal. One for my collection and one to use. WPG items help fill holes in my collection very close to the real thing.

Simon - US
No complaints. (2020-06-08)
Nothing to complain off

Hively - US
Excellent (2020-02-26)
Everything was fine I'm very pleased with everything I bought

Robson - AU
Decent quality (2018-08-24)
I received mine this morning. Overall the quality is very good.

The blade on the knife when shipped is sharp enough to cut you but not razor sharp.

Some of the rivets on the handle aren't formed correctly so I will need to take care of those when I have a chance.

Overall though, it appears to be a decent reproduction of the original knives for how much you pay for it.

Only time will tell how well the blade will hold an edge however. When I have had it a few months I may do a further review if I feel it needs a higher or lower rating; for the time being it gets a 4/5.

Thomas - Ireland
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