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Excellent (2021-08-19)
I have a couple of originals in my collection but wanted one that offered a better fit and that I wouldn’t be too concerned about damaging. So based on other reviews I took the plunge and bought one. I was not disappointed. These really are excellent reproductions of the real thing. Colour is good and weight and type of materials used are spot on. Externally it’s perfect. There are one or two minor points such as a couple of internal straps missing but frankly that’s just nit picking. This is an excellent representation of the real thing and in sizes to fit the modern man !!
I am extremely happy with mine and look forward to using it for cold weather Jeep driving. Well done WPG.

Excellent service (2021-05-06)
Super quality, love all the zippers, snaps, and details. Runs true to size. Looking forward to winter!

Bryan - US
Superfast delivery!!! (2019-12-29)
Just like the one I had when I was at school. Delighted to get another one at last.

McCabe - LU
Great (2018-07-02)
Great reproduction!, will look nice driving our bren carrier next year at Market Garden!, Highly recommended

Hermans - NL
Awesome Reproduction very fast delivery to the Netherlands (2018-06-19)
Wonderful reproduction. Fits perfectly. Correct durable fabric and color, heavy duty metal zippers. You won't be disappointed just order yours today Thank you very much WPG all the best from the Roer Triangle front.

van Bronkhorst - NL
Great service. Great workmanship. Highly recommended. . (2017-11-23)
Great service, great workmanship. Highly recommended.

Browning - US
Awesome product, Super Fast Delivery (2017-11-14)
The Pixie suit is an excellent reproduction, very accurate to the original I own. It arrived super fast(days) and I wore it on the weekend in -10 degree Celsius weather, it was very warm and cut the wind. The original is to be worn over the wool Battledress,so make sure you order it larger than your normal size. Great product, great service. Highly recommend this item, and great service from WPG!

McCue - CA
Excellent! (2017-11-07)
Very happy with fit and finish! Well done!

Moon - US
Nice job, Jerry (2017-09-18)
A surprisingly accurate repro of Britain's early war tanker coveralls…well worth the asking price. The interior harness lacks the neck strap for hauling injured personnel out of the hatch, but hopefully you'll never need it. In all other respects, a great job of recreation. Never could find any vet who knew what the 16 "pencil pockets" on the front were intended for, but they're included and will hold a lot of Webley or Enfield pistol rounds for your sidearm. Highly recommend. WTG, WPG!

James - Museum of American Armor, NY
Pixie suit (2017-09-14)
Jerry- Congratulations on your latest copy of the RAC "pixie suit". Originals are very difficult to find, and these are very close in all respects. Will pass the word to our people who operate Commonwealth tanks and scout cars.-JH

James - New York
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