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Perfect! (2020-12-05)
Just received my M1881 holster from WPG. What workmanship! This one would easily pass as a NOS original. Fits my pistol perfectly! WPG hit a home run on this one!

Chuck - Indiana
Good Quality (2018-12-18)
Holster is excellent in construction and shape. The black finish and black edging look a bit too synthetic--like an enamel coated finish rather than a dyed finish. Hopefully it wear and look more period authentic. Overall VERY NICE quality and value--great price, but not quite as nice as the Natural brown colored holsters which are not dyed or enamel coated.

Haynes - US
1880's Issue Holster (2018-05-10)
Very fine item, but has some minor issues. First, the good points: Leather is a good weight and stiffness to protect the weapon. The loop fits easily over a saber belt, and the loop is securely riveted to the body of the holster. The pistol fits snugly into the holster, eliminating the likelihood the weapon might fall out while the half-flap is open. The not-so-good points (and they're minor): The half flap almost won't fit over the butt of a Colt 1873. Work the flap, soften it, and push the piece in as far as possible, then use the BOTTOM hole to snap over the finial. Also, the "US" embossing is not as sharp as it could be. Be advised that, as I said, this holster holds the weapon VERY snugly, so fast draws are out of the question (besides, trying a fast draw only means you'll likely blow your foot off). Overall, though, a very good and useful item of personal equipment.

Shannon - United States
Super (2017-11-07)
Holster is well made & fits the Model 1873 perfectly.

Brown - US