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Get It! (2021-06-08)
I concentrate on field impressions for this era, but when I saw this available, I knew I should get it. Glad I did! Well made, and might not be available much longer!

Mark - Virginia/U.S.
1874 Palmer Brace (2017-11-18)
The 1874 brace system offered here is outstanding! Expertly reproduced by the team at WPG, this brace fills a gap in the 1870s impression that many thought would never be attempted. The details in the reproduction are amazingly close to the original. The quality leather work, the dye finish is beautiful as is the black finished thread. The hardwear is all reproduced from original samples. The finished product looks like an original, like it just came from the depot. I highly recommend this piece as well as the rest of W.P.G.s 1874 Palmer system. You won't be disappointed.

K.C. Kirkman - W.V. U.S.A.