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Better Than Photo (2021-06-08)
This shipped very fast, and arrived in excellent condition. It's actually better looking than the photo, having a very nice wool, and ideal thickness leather.

Mark - Virginia/U.S.
Fast Delivery (2020-02-20)
Absolutely Beautiful!! Semper Fi!

Fantastic (2019-09-23)
I put up a lot of USMC displays for WWI and this is an amazing addition. The cover is perfect for WWI dress blues, I don't think you'll find another like this anywhere except an original.

Chris - Pennsylvania, USA
USMC bell cap (2019-01-17)
In my opinion, this is an outstanding reproduction. Nobody but WPG and Mr. Lee would make this. If I saw it on a mannequin at the museum in Quantico, I'd think it was real

John - Cambridge, Ohio
P12 USMC COVER (2017-12-01)
Great job recreating this cover. Good quality and super shipping as always! Keep up the good work WPG!

Van - Washington State
The speed of delivery was impressive. (2017-11-18)
The cap is good, generally. However, it's marred by the fact that the cover is uneven around the circumference of the top of the crown -- betrayed by the crooked seam atop parts of the wicker frame. The shape of the crown is not uniformly oval front to back, but the axis is significantly off-center. It might be related to the uneven stress of the top of the cover over the wicker frame. On my head however, it looks fine.

One note about the "prototype" green bell crown I also bought from you at the same time. The fit of the cover over the frame is nearly perfect! The only issue is the leather bill and chin strap that need to be dyed the correct color. They both appear to be in unfinished leather. That's not the case. The leather color is spray painted on, so dye doesn't penetrate. The paint has to be stripped off -- two layers, the light "natural" light brown and the underlying white primer coat. It's not easy, especially along the bill edges. I think I got it off as well as possible. I'll find out tomorrow how well it will take dye. A small sample area I tried looks promising. If it turns out, it'll be a great hat!

Filson - US