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Great squality hat (2019-12-27)
Fantastic hat. Really well-made, and the crown molds into whatever shape you press it into. As has been said before, these do run a bit large, but you can fix that by stuffing the sweatband.

Rick - Washington, U.S.
Awesome (2019-12-07)
Compared this with my original and it’s as close as it comes. Color and style are correct. Order your normal size.

Hobie - Mass
Apache Wars Campaign Hat (2018-05-10)
VERY fine piece of headgear! The felt is of better quality than any other reproduction 19th Century general market (meaning not custom ordered) military hat I have come across, the hat comes AS ISSUED (meaning open crown/open brim) and has a fine and GOOD sweatband (essential in helping a hat hold its shape). The sole problems are that the sizing seems to run a bit large (old cowboy fix: Fold some toilet paper and place it in the sweatband. The fit can be customized easily in that manner) and the felt is a bit soft (hat stiffener, available from any good western store, will take care of that issue in no time at all). Overall, I highly recommend this item.

Nebraska - United States
Fast Delivery (2018-02-19)
All items are top notch and fit nicely, no problems. Bob Bardsley

Bardsley - US
Great Hat! (2018-02-03)
Picked one up a month ago. It's definitely a high quality hat! The only thing missing is dirt and grease. Great for reenacting! I'm also going to wear it when we work cattle this June.

Mike - Fargo, North Dakota
M1889 FUR FELT CAMPAIGN HAT (2018-01-30)
These campaign hats are of a good quality, and are correctly sized. They should last many years.

Mark - Connecticut, USA