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Nice looking hat. (2024-02-12)
Hat was nice but a tad too large for my head. Requested RMA and returned for smaller size. Haven't received it I am unsure about the turnaround time.

Mead - US
super fast delivery (2024-01-13)
First class product

Stewart - US
Great Hat (2023-07-25)
Arrived in record time and very pleased!

miller - UK
Warm Warm Warm! (2022-12-21)
Nothing but praise for the shearling B-2 cap! Sizes tend to run a taaaad small so sized up from 7 to 7 1/4 (58) and it fints awesome and keeps my head and ears warm in these brutal North Dakota winters!!

Excellent cap (2022-11-06)
Very well made. Accurate design. Fits true to size.

genser - US
Love this so bought 2 (2022-03-13)
I wear 7 3/4 and I will say that this is a true to size but on the bigger end of that size so I also ordered a 7 1/2 too to wear with the bill up get that jaunty style. I am very pleased with the fit of both

Lee - PA ... USA
Super, fast delivery (2021-01-23)
Looks great. Fits great.

Karp - US
Fast delivery (2020-11-17)
This product was delivered fast and is very nice. Only reason it got 4 stars was I had to put it on a hat stretcher for a couple of days. Other than that I am very pleased with it.

Griffey - US
B-2 Cap (2019-11-26)
I received the B-2 Sheep skin leather cap today.
It is a beautiful cap. Well made and perfect in every way.
I ordered a size 7 1/4 ( size 58), as that is my regular hat size.
The cap came and it was marked 7 1/4 size 58.
But, it is too small to fit my head. Way too small. So, I cannot wear the cap.
It does just barely fit a styro foam display head.
So, it does not fit me all all, but it is a beautiful well made cap that I will use in a WW2 display.

Douglas - Maine USA
Awesome at All Altitudes! (2018-02-25)
I have wanted one of these repro B-2 covers for a very long time, but virtually all of them were too heavy and/or too warm for wear below 35kft. Enter WPG, and, just like their awesome B-3 jacket, their B-2 cap is lighter and features a closer cut pile so you don't overheat at those lower altitudes. And since it's made by WPG, you know it's going to look authentic, right down to the Army Air Corps logo decal just above the visor. It's also a great match for wear with the WPG USAAF B-3 shearling jacket. My advice, FWIW: Get BOTH!

Davis - US
B-2 Cap - Absolutely Spot On!! (2018-02-23)
Being a big WW2 USAAF fan, I have owned a vintage Avirex B3 shearling jacket ever since the film, "Memphis Belle' was released in 1990, but I could never find an adequate cap. So for some time, I have been seeking a companion cap to do it justice, and for the most part I have been seriously disappointed with what is currently available. the reason being is what you usually encounter masquerading as a B-2 suffers from shoddy construction, foul smelling improperly tanned leather, and worse, the use of faux fleece. So my search for a cap always ended as a bust. That was until now! The WPG replica AAF B-2 shearling Flight Cap is IMHO simply the BEST that has ever been offered since 1945. The materials, build, plus the use of REAL shearling for the liner which is not only soft and supple, but simply incredible in detail, and lets not forget the price! Sizing is true, so no worries either. If you're a USAAF aficionado as I am, you won't go wrong with this actual wearable piece. Perfect for your 25th mission bombing that ball bearing plant over Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

Sergemaster - US
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