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Not an Exact Recreation as stated (2017-01-16)
The repro ones do not look at all like the originals. The repro ones are too wide at the front and should narrow towards the front as the originals do. Please correct this in future.

Terry - Canada
Shoes WAC (2014-04-16)
Hello, these shoes arrived really fast. They are great and I am going to put them in the 70eme anniversary of the landing in Normandy with a lot of pleasure. Thank you very much

WAC Shoes (2013-03-06)
Shoes arrived fast and looks great. My wife love them.
(But I received today from Fedex a duty of 30$)

Ingrid & Luc - FR
WAC shoes (2012-05-28)
So far they seem to be good quality shoes. Have not worn them much yet so time will tell if they hold up well. They are very authentic and match a pair of original very well.

Parsons - US
WAC Shoes (2011-11-09)
Very fast delivery on the Wac shoes, they also look great but I wont know until Christmas if I ordered the right size but I understand returns are no problem. Thanks!

Slusarek - US
All Ok (2011-04-21)
Very nice shoes perfect for reenactment.

Aguilera - ES
Wac Shoes (2011-04-03)
Fabulous Service!! We received the shoes right on time for opening night at The National WW2 Museum.

You are the best!

Thank you!

Victoria Reed - US
shoe (2011-02-17)
Very nice shoe, if you need WAC shows buy then here

Patrick van Esveld - NL
WAC Shoes (2010-09-09)
Very Nice !! Super Fast Shipping

Santucci - US
WAC (2010-08-30)
shoes came quickly, as described, fit well.

Hubnik - US
US WAC Shoes (2010-08-03)
Good fit, great quality comfortable shoe... perfect for the impression!

Lauria - US
WAC shoes (2010-06-26)
The shoes did come and I am pleased with them--they look exactly like they are supposed to. They are good quality. The only drawback was the size, but I took what was available to me--I really needed a half size larger. The package arrived in good order and didn't take very long.
Thank you.

Harris - US
WAC shoes (2010-05-12)
Very nice shoes, My wife and daughter and daughter in law all love them

Bowen - US
Shoes (2010-04-09)
Shoes arrived really fast. I was surprised ... they are very very nice! Thanks!

Karaskova - CZ
WAC shoes (2010-03-11)
My daughter loves the shoes - they fit well and look great!

Owano - US
x (2010-03-09)
these shoes are so great, i love them!!!

Patricia - DE
US WAC Shoes (2010-03-08)
Heels seem a little tall, but overall they look great!

McDowell - US
WAC shoes (2010-03-07)
Shoes Fit great and look Great. Two thumbs up!

Stewart - US
WAC Shoes (2009-12-31)
Great customer service! Speedy shipping and communication :)

Marrone - US
WAC Shoes (2009-10-17)
shoes arrived fast and are very beautiful :-)))++++++++

WAC Shoes (2009-10-11)
Shoes arrived fast and are great - was very wary at ordering shoes from the US without trying them on, but they fit like a very happy customer...!

Wring - GB
WAC shoes (2009-10-06)
A wonderful pair of shoes, looks great in my wife´s feet. Very nice

german - ES
Wac shoes (2009-08-02)
I didn’t like the higher heel! This new pair has a 2.5 inch heel. WAC shoes heels should be only 1.5 inch. I have two other pairs from WPG, they are perfect, they have a 1.5 inch heel....why the change?


Vizcarra - US
WAC SHOES (2009-07-21)

George - US
WAC SHOES (2009-02-09)
The service was very quick and so far my wife is pleased with the shoes.

This is the second time now I have been asked for a review of this order.

Wirth - US
WAC Shoes (2009-02-06)
Received shoes very quickly and was please with them as well.

Wirth - US
US WAC Shoes (2008-12-16)
Superb shoes. very good qualité.On can not find better.

Richard - FRANCE
wac shoes (2008-09-24)
fit very well

spears - US
Outstanding (2007-12-17)
I bought a pair of these shoes to replace the dance shoes I was wearing with my impression. What a major difference they make. Everyones asks me, where did you find those shoes? On top of it all it''s a very comfortable shoe.

You cannot go wrong with these shoes, ladies.

Susan - Missouri
My wife loves them! (2007-01-11)
I just got the shoes. My wife loves them! She is not even into reenactment!

Peter Chen - US
Excellent! (2007-08-08)
Got a pair of these for my WAC and they look amazing. She''s constantly getting compliments, and of course the question, "where did you get them?!"

Mike - Delaware
Great shoes, good price (2007-07-08)
I have a pair of these and not only do they look spot-on, they are also very comfortable and durable. Worth the price, you won''t be disappointed.

Pam - Texas