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M1917 revolver pouches (2020-03-27)
A very close match to my original pouch. Along with the 2nd pattern pistol belt, and M1917 WPG holster makes a great set. What better rig to carry my near mint M1917 Colt's pistol

Mick - Arizona
Close match (2020-03-05)
Very close match in color and weight of the canvas. The only thing that would be better is darkened brass closures

US 3-pocket pouch for .45 Revolvers (2019-06-22)
Looks good but does not fit the female snap on the M1912 web belt. I'll make do but the eagle snap on the web belt needs to be addressed so your accessories can snap into place.

Oxx - US
Wonderful (2019-02-21)
I would think it was the real thing if I didn't know better. Very well put together, very sturdy. Good price for quality you dont see allot of anymore.

Mark S. - US
Quality as good as Original (2018-12-18)
1917 Cartridge Pouch for half-moon clips, 1917 Revolver. The thickness, color and construction on this pouch is identical to originals. Not a poor imitation. Except for the lack of period markings, it would pass in color and quality for an original.

Haynes - US