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Just Like Poppa (Probably) wore... (2020-07-20)
Thanks for replicating 48-star flag ID armbands---what you've produced looks great, and will serve my purposes very well indeed. Very satisfied!

Williams - US
Invasion Flag Armband (2020-07-12)
Nice product! Not quite sure yet how best to use it, but looks great and I love that 48-star flag. It's the one I was born under, after all... Thanks.

Theodore - Oregon
Invasion Flag (2020-02-24)
Very good quality ans sharp colors

Coyle - US
Wonderfull !!! (2019-07-21)
Great quality for this armband !!
His going to be looking great on my shirt during 75th anniversary of the operation Dragoon in south of France !!

Boisson - FR