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Not good (2023-12-25)
Far too stiff and heavy, nothing like an original at all, the black inside is hideous. I'm returning this item

dray - UK
Raincoat (2022-12-11)
Great product fills a gap in my impression very pleased with it.

Cruz - US
Extremely fast delivery (2022-03-12)
As others have noted, its stiff, but looks great.

Moore - US
Good material (2021-12-02)
Overall quality of the material is great! The raincoat is thick and can handle some abuse. The glued seams don't look like they will hold forever but it's honestly a quick fix if you have to reglue a few seams. Outstanding rain coat though!

Swanson - US
Fast (2021-11-02)
Best rain coat. The best

Pace - US
Great Quality (2021-10-03)
The Quality of this raincoat is exceptional. I had to replace my grandfather's original coat. And, this is a great replacement for it.

Gideon Sather-Gonzalez - US
Great item (2021-05-04)
Fast shipping and as always quality items

Blanton - US
Good copy (2021-02-01)
Nice raincoat!! A bit stiff but Good reproduction

Great Replica (2020-10-20)
I have long arms, so I got the tall. Arms are perfect, but a bit long on my 6-2 frame. This coat is well done and looks great. Yes, it's stiff, but so were the originals from my understanding. Is what it is. I have no complaints.

Henesy - US
What can I say!! (2020-10-05)
Arrive 3 days after I ordered it,can beleive how fast you ship, coat arrived ordered an XL size as im a 46 chest this thing is big fits great over all my webbing ,its very stiff it stands uip on itds own, in all a very good raincoat looks 95% like the real thing .

Carl - Wales
M1938 Raincoat (2020-07-29)
Coat is heavy and stiff, probably the cause of glue failures. Customer services has been outstanding in regards. Nice coat and color though.

Spellman - US
Accurate But Stiff (2020-01-11)
Ordered a large long because it was the only size close to what I wear. Normally wear a 40R. A little too large, but I needed it for an Immersion tactical. Very stiff. Will have to figure out how to get it more playable.

Brent - US
Great buy (2019-11-04)
Looks of the coat are great. Think about 90% is alike to the original ones. This one is really stiff. Hope it will get a little more pliable by wearing. Hope the sealings will hold. Otherwise looks like a good quality item that will hold me dry in rainy event conditions.

Jorg - NL
Great coat! (2019-08-29)
The raincoat is a great replica, heavier than my original but looks and feels good! Normally I wear a medium size but I’ve ordered a large and it fits perfectly over my M41 jacket. The shipping was very fast! In short: Great Service and I Love the coat! Thanx!

van - NL
super service (2019-08-26)
fast delivery, super communication
thank you very much for your support


Setz - CH
another 5 star service (2019-07-04)
the product is really amazing !!!!

Raincoat (2019-02-18)
Excellent quality as always, very well made second run. Durable, great fit. Just like originals. Extremely fast shipping.

Armbruster - US
Raincoat (2018-12-27)
Nice raincoat,I'm a size 46" and ordered a large which fits great with plenty of room.a bit stiff at first but softening up .
Very pleased with it as I've been looking for one for years

PB - Uk
nice item (2018-09-20)
A bit stiff, but nice repro, anyway the only repro made.

Always the best! Super fast delivery (2018-08-20)
Exactly what I was looking for! Authentic reproduction!! Thanks!!!

Savoie - US
GREAT ITEM (2018-08-09)
I will have to agree with other comments, stiff and good size for a large. Looks well constructed, can't wait to get caught afield in the rain to try it out.

Haase - US
M-1938 raincoat (2014-08-07)
very nice looking coat, but a bid stiff ! and also the glue is not good, so the sleeves fall of the jacket !! i love all WPG stuff! very accurate and good quality, but this one is not so great!!

stijn - belgium
M-1938 raincoat (2014-08-07)
very nice looking coat, but a bid stiff ! and also the glue is not good, so the sleeves fall of the jacket !! i love all WPG stuff! very accurate and good quality, but this one is not so great!!

stijn - belgium
Very good (2013-03-30)
It looks perfect. I have no doubt about sealing. Despite my size which is usually L I took size XL and that's perfect to wear on top of webbing. very good

US M1938 Dismounted Raincoat (2012-08-12)
Very good quality, think you very much.

Joly - FR
Stiff raincoat (2012-08-02)
Good copy,had orange marks under arm. material very stiff. Only keeping because no one else does that size !!!!

Bottomley - GB
m1938 raincoat (2012-08-01)
fantastic reproduction 5* quality this should keep me dry through our British summer.

sewell - GB
Awesome. (2012-02-23)
This thing is bulky, huge, stiff and smelly- in other words, correct as heck. I''m sure after a few times in the field it''ll loosen up.

Zack - Canton, Georgia
raincoat (2011-12-01)
Best quality,thanky,-again best service!!!

Schlomacher - DE
Rain coat (2011-10-14)
Have owned one for 2 years. Never did soften up. This past summer i opened the closet that my uniforms hang in and one of the sleves have come un glud and fell off.

Alan - Cleveland Ohio
M-1938 Dismounted Raincoat (2011-10-06)
A bit stiff, but still a very nice replica. Also very fast shipping. Thanks!

Jelle van Duin - Netherlands
US M1938 Dismounted Raincoat (2011-09-18)
Nice coat!! a bit stiff but very durable!

Genderen - NL
Rain coat (2011-08-29)
Love it, mates are jealous and according to the rivet counters a very good copy. Stiff, waterproof and the correct colour for an un-issued item.

Allaway - GB
US Raincoat (2011-08-15)
Very good quality ! than you !

Lefrancois - FR
Good Raincoat (2011-07-27)
Can't beat it for a reproduction. Heavy enough to last awhile. Looks perfect. Thanks!

Chapman - US
good stuff (2011-07-13)
very good quality end i am happy wiht it

greetings from holland

brandjes - NL
M1938 raincoat (2011-06-29)
very heavy!good quality reproduction though.

attew - GB
Very good (2011-06-11)
Esta muy bien y realmente protege mucho tanto de la lluvia como del viento

Pares - ES
Vivement qu'il pleuve (2011-05-23)
Bonne reproduction. la piece est un peu rigide mais elle va s'assouplir avec le temps. Pour la taille, j'ai pris un xl et je met en veste du 58/60. Livraison rapide service impeccable . Vivement qu'il pleuve.

fabrice - FR
Dismounted Raincoat (2011-03-15)
Pattern construction is very close to the originals. The weight is heavier than the originals, and the item arrives very stiff - I am still working on making the raincoat more pliable. Additionally, the inside of is dark in color, which is different from the originals that I own or have seen. Overall, a good value for a heavy-duty, usable piece of field gear. I usually wear an XL, but ordered XXL-L - fitting like the original was meant to (over the uniform and gear). Not a bad job - just need to work on the stiffness and lining color.

Crescenzo - US
Title for what? (2011-03-14)
Other comments are accurate regarding a lot of stiffness and high quality and fast delivery.

Nikkari - US
M38 raincoat (2011-03-07)
Yes it's a bit stiff but so is my original. This is an exact copy, sizing is correct as this was made to be worn over outer garments.

Cervone - US
Raincoat (2011-02-27)
Brilliant! Got to the UK in 3 days, Super quick delivery! Its a bit stiff, but very waterproof - got it completely soaked the other day and it dried amazingly fast.

Madge - GB
Dismounted raincoat (2010-12-28)
Quite stiff but I am trying to make it more pliable. Otherwise, very nice.

Witt - US
Raincoat (2010-07-07)
Delivered quickly, needed it to complete the impression. I have not worn it yet, but expect it to work well

Cantwell - US
US M1938 Dismounted Raincoat (2010-03-31)
Stiffer than originals, and too bulky, but very resistant. I would suggest to change the inner color to OD also: the present dark shade is a "give away" when the garment is not worn.

Kilroy - IT
GC/CSO (2010-03-08)
Super fast delivery. Very beefy material...should wear like iron. One size up was good advice. Thanks!

Scobie - US
US M1938 Dismounted Raincoat (2009-12-05)

Rain coat (2009-11-23)
Just like my original.

pihajlic - US
Great! (2009-11-05)
Stiff as a board, but looks and feels great. Not expensive for what you get!

Strang - NL
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