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Satisfied (2023-04-16)
The product was shipped quickly and is very high quality however there is a slight color difference between the jumper and the pants

Holeman - US
Very Nice Product (2019-12-08)
Exceptional product. 100% heavy Cotton and wool. Exactly how the originals were made. I have not seen a better replica. You would think it was an original. Fit is exact.

ranger - CA
Very impressive (2018-12-14)
Great quality and fitting,very fast shipping!

Franklin - AU
Wow! (2018-11-29)
The fit is perfect. Looks exactly like my Dad's in his 1942 Boot Camp picture!

Walczak - US
WW1 and Pre WW2 Navy dress white jumper (2018-10-28)
Can't say enough about this uniform package. A great deal for the price. Looks almost as good as my Pre and WW1 originals. You have to really look close to find the differences. I was so impressed with the quality of the item I ordered a second one. Caught the exact look of the back flap stars since they were hand sewn on the white jumpers and machine sewn on the blue wool jumpers. Another outstanding job by a great WPG team.

Popiela - US
Us navy dress whites (2018-10-22)
Another outstanding order completed in record breaking time. Excellent quality items that look as good as the originals.. Had to order an additional set after receiving the first set. Excellent price. Must have items for anyone doing WW I or pre WW 2 US Navy.

Popiela - US
Excellent Reproduction of Rare US Navy Uniform (2018-10-13)
Just received the enlisted dress white jumper. Very close to my originals. Trousers and top fit true to size. Has the look and feel of the original including the hand stitched look of the stars on the flap. Another outstanding uniform. Got it in 2 and a half days after I ordered it. Amazing!!!!

Dennis - Virginia Beach, VA
Best substitute to the real thing (2018-10-12)
Jerry has hit a home run with this reproduction set. No one else in the business has attempted to recreate this iconic dress white ensemble. Many other have done the undress whites but none save Jerry have done it right. I have waited and hoped for someone to make this set. I have an original 1930s set but it is too fragile to wear in events. The fit is historical. Please take account for shrinkage upon washing. If you are happy with the fit before doing any alterations, wash it first. Thank you WPG for a marvelous product!

Jayson - California
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