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great (2021-08-23)
Well made, best yet it FITS size and material great!!

Leggings. (2019-07-27)
No complaints here. Everything I have gotten from WPG is top quality.

Meyer - US
Quick Delivery! (2018-10-08)
Great item! Well made!! Match my originals!!

Matteson - US
Us leggings m1938 (2017-05-16)
Nice colour same as my originals,
3 of the hooks where loose enabling them to spin around so they had to be re rivited. The laces are useless so order the replacements they're cheep enough.
The fit was right with the size guide.

Beaz - Uk
Registrar (2015-11-24)
Very fast delivery. Excellent quality. Great price. These are the three reasons our museum continues to buy from WPG whenever our education department needs reproduction items.

Coggeshall - US
Leggings (2015-07-16)
I received several items and have some pants and a hat on back-order. The leggings are supposed to be size 5R but they are small. I have laid them over 4R leggings and they are cut just a bit smaller. Probably got mislabeled. Not a big deal, I know someone that can use them.

Porterfield - US
Good item (2015-03-13)
A nicely made, quality item for the price. Certainly far better than some similarly priced items I have seen from competitors.

Green - UK
. (2014-08-17)
Size and overall construction are good, but one of the metal strap ends that are supposed to be on the end of the strap that goes under the boot was missing. In the long run, not a big deal, but a little disappointing.

Hudock - US
1938 leggings (2013-12-23)
Extremely fast delivery. Well priced and authentic looking reproduction leggings.

Corley - US
US Leggings, Dismounted, M1938 (2013-11-23)
Really nice quality.

Mr. (2013-05-08)
Fast delivery and great quality. Very pleased with the product from WPG!

Pizzano - US
leggings (2013-03-11)
Arrived in a week, very fast. Nice communication, and perfect fit, colour and material.Excellent.

chasco - ES
leggings (2013-03-07)
well made. Just a note size is based on calf circumference so measure yours first! I sent my first pair back as too small the 2nd set sent nil freight are great!

leck - AU
description (2013-03-06)
weak hooks

Brazhnikov - RU
LtC %9th CA (2012-10-22)
As usual, perfect and they fit !

MacMullen - US
Leggings, dismounted (2012-07-31)
As before - first class quality and service

Burns - AU
US Leggings, Dismounted, M1938 (2012-07-06)
Your supplier turns out a great product. Well made out of the right stuff. Even a good fit the first time around.

Will-Ko - US
Good product but limited (2012-06-30)
Great product however; will like to see different sizes

Rivera - US
Leggings (2012-03-30)
Very satisfied, hard to find originals in this size.

Hills - US
Mr (2012-02-20)
Quick shipping and Great product! I love doing business with WPG!

Pizzano - US
US G.I. leggings (2012-02-03)
Excellent quality and the larger size really helps out!!

Zuchowski - US
Really nice WWII gaiters (2012-01-07)
The gaiters were the right color and perfect size. Good job WPG!

Ben-David - US
Looks good (2011-11-11)
These leggings look the part, now to see if they will hold up for 10 years of abuse like my old originals did.

McNamara - US
US Leggings, Dismounted, M1938 (2011-05-06)
Très jolie reproduction mais les lacets paraissent légers. Je pense repasser par WPG pour mes futures achats.

Franck - FR
US Leggings, Dismounted, M1938 (2011-05-01)
Good quality. Quick delivery.

Roberts - CA
M1938 Leggings (2011-03-26)
Laces broke (Seems a common theme here) canvas is thinner than originals, but high-quality repro''s nonetheless, definitely worthwhile purchase

Adrian - New Zealand
US Leggings Dismounted M1938 (2011-03-09)
Great item. Size & Delivery A1. Jerry's usual quality.

Rickell - GB
M1938 Dismounted Leggings (2011-03-08)
Good product except for the laces, which are too thick and not very strong.

Spawton - GB
Great (2011-02-16)
Better than any other repro we havve seen !

Hambammer - AT
Awesome (2011-01-22)
Great repos, ridiculously fast especially for an overseas shipment. A+++ rating.

Rotundo - US
Leggings (2010-10-18)
These were great! I''m no little man, and was a bit nervous. They fit great! Might could have ordered a size smaller. Super fast delivery, and great communication. Highly recommend.

Andy - NC
m1938 leggings (2010-10-13)
Shipping was very fast. Overall I am thrilled with the leggings. Both laces broke the first time I put them on. I replaced the laces and have worn them several times. Great repro but change the laces. I am recomending WPG Leggings to all new men in my unit.

Davis - US
US Leggings, Dismounted, M1938 (2010-09-14)
A great repro . Thanks !

Leggings (2010-07-12)
Great...just like the real ones frpm what I can tell.

Michaud - CA
US m1938 leggings - dismounted (2010-06-30)
Great kit and excellent service - fantastically fast as well. Many Thanks,


Murdock - GB
US Leggings, Dismounted, M1938 (2010-05-11)
Fast delivery and wonderful reproductions

Moseley - US
dismounted leggings (2010-04-15)
Fit just what I was looking for

Bergquist - US
cool dude (2010-03-06)
i am a geek but i wore them the whole next day after i got them i an very happy

zarilla - US
Good fit. (2010-03-01)
Good quality reproduction and fit as they should. I find them a little softer than the originals I have, so I will need to try some starch to stiffen them up a little

Hoffman - NZ
m1938 leggings (2010-02-20)
very satisfied, just what i had hoped for

clark - US
Mr (2010-02-09)
Super fast deliver.

Watton - GB
beautiful (2010-01-08)
excellent repro

tresserras - ES
M-1938 Leggings (2009-12-13)
Good quality. Now I just have to figure out how to put them on....

Perreira - US
M1938 legging 5R (2009-12-12)
Excellent reproduction of the M1938 legging.

Ryder - US
. (2009-09-24)
Thanks for the large sizes!

Riley - US
M1938 Leggings (2009-09-11)
These look like the real thing. High quality materials and at size 6R, they actually fit!!! Was also glad to see that the laces were included.

Prabish - US
tough (2009-09-10)
this is the second pair I have ordered, the first was 2 years ago and they finally just popped a rivet after 2 years of hard use. These will become my new set for the next couple years, the old ones still serve as a good backup.

Fronzeo - US
US Leggings, Dismounted, M1938 (2009-09-05)
Best Reproduction leggings out there very sturdy construction and look exactly like my originals!

Carruthers - US
PERFECT!!! (2009-08-20)
Excellent reproduction of the M1938 legging. I compared them to the originals, and they are dead on! WPG even chose to reproduce a thicker variation of the laces. Hopefully, now that WPG has reproduced these in such a wide array of sizes, we will begin to see this under-represented equipment at reenactments.

Matthew - Illinois
Leggings (2009-08-08)
even though the wrong size was sent to me ,they fit realy good.They are also well constructed. lovely shade of od#3.a very nice item.

Rochester - US
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