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Pleased (2019-02-28)
I was issued the original Police suspenders in the Canadian Army (tan Y-type). Kept them after mustering out, but the elastic finally gave up the ghost. These suspenders are well made and should provide years of good service.

Stone - CA
Police suspenders (2019-01-30)
Really good impression out of the box, well made and looking almost elegant, much nicer than most suspenders one buys these days. The brass hardware looks a little on the light side. What disappointed me a bit was that the stitching holding the straps together crosswise at the back came tearing apart after putting them on and off again three times. I would still very much recommend these, but one has to be prepared to re-sew the back stitching.

Phillip - UK
WPG does it again. (2019-01-10)
I really like these repos. Well made, quality materials.
Can be used in any era, even modern business attire!
WPG does it again!

Oram  - CA