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Always fast delivery (2021-10-31)
This is a very nice web belt. Think, uniform color all the way through the belt. However I bought three. Not one will go through the very good copy of the marine Ww2 buckle. Partly because the brass buckle tip is too large and partly because the web belt is almost exactly the width of the buckle opening. I have some original buckles but after my move I can bot find them so I can’t say which is wrong- belt width or buckle opening. This is a wonderful work by WPG, every marine reenactor or anyone wanting to wear a buckle from the pre 1960 era. However I have not come up with a way of doing that. Still the buckle is well made and so is the belt. They just right now so not go easily together. I wait eagerly for the next shipment!

Mc - US
Great belt! (2021-07-30)
Item just as described. The correct USMC width and color as well. I ordered larger than my waist and cut to my desired length

Smitty - US
PERFECTION! (2021-07-06)
Hard to distinguish from an original...

Manicchia - US
Exact Specification for USMC WW2 web belt (2021-06-24)
This web belt is practically an exact reproduction of the USMC belt used in WW2. This web belt is the exact width of that era belt, whereas the web belts of the current 1963 uniform regulations were not as wide. The buckle is brass and not subdued and is the WW2 width, and not the narrower 1963 pattern that is currently being used. I am extremely happy with this product.

Yazzie - US
Excellent (2021-06-18)
I compared this trouser belt to originals in my collection. It is spot on!! Thanks Jerry! SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!

Great belt (2020-09-15)
Great belt already put it on my p41 utility trousers.

Langston - US
Really fast (2020-08-01)
Identical to original, which is all you can ask!

Parker - GB
Excellent (2020-03-28)
Nice product. Shipped and delivered quickly....

Preneta - US
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