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Awesome! (2021-10-14)
Mask exactly as depicted. The gas mask bag itself is probably the most accurate reproduction on the market. I painted both up to look more weathered and realistic, and they are incredible bits of kit now.

Davis - US
Fast delivery (2021-09-24)
I was very pleased with the quality of the product and the speed in which I received it.

McGinnis - US
Great copy (2021-08-08)
Great and affordable copy of the midwar French gas mask. Only complaint is that it can be a little wider than period examples, but a little pinching and forming can get the "snout" like effect

Williams - US
Good value for the price (2021-03-16)
Not a bade copy for the price, wish the mfg stamps they used on the bag were also on the mask. Fast shipping! My only thing is when you buy one, be sure you let it air out- mine is pungent with what reminds me of sardine smell-

Dan - United States
Very good repro, excellent price (2020-03-04)
As usual, WPG exceeded my expectations and delivered an excellent and well priced historical item.

Corley - US
happy new year (2020-01-17)
thanks for very fast delivery
the m2 gas mask is exactly like described

It may need a few details.... (2019-03-21)
I had some feedback that the mask may need to be painted to look more authentic (but maybe not) and it needs some manufacturer's stamps, but I take it as an educational opportunity. I'll be happy to wear it in my next event.

Hillring - US