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US Lightweight Gas Mask Bag (2020-10-15)
I concur with "Noah, US" review. It also makes for a great pandemic conversation piece. "You carry a gas mask?" My use for the bag will not require extreme ruggedness; and, I do not intend to carry much weight in the bag.

John - US
Good So Far (2020-04-23)
I feel like this is an item where time will be the best indicator of its quality, but having fully-loaded it with rations for an event, it's held up so far. The bag itself seems to be of good-quality materials, and the snaps are working well (as a side note, they don't appear to be branded like ATF's US-contracted snaps are). The only thing worrying me at the moment is the thickness of what functions as a shoulder strap; the webbing is decidedly thin, and I'm concerned for its durability going forward.
That being said, this is half the price of At the Front's offering, and barring any issues that develop, it seems a good product. Hopefully, I can say the same after more events.

Noah - US
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