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Looks great (2021-10-02)
Very pleased with this item. I intend to use it as a U-boat pachchen, which many crewmen adopted during the war. Replaced the buttons with gold kriegsmarine ones and added shoulderboard insignia and a couple other items and it looks like it came straight out of "Das Boot."

British jacket (2020-12-17)
Very nice jacket, recieved it shortly after the order was placed. Highly recommend WPG products.

Bryant  - US
Superfast!! Some issues. (2020-12-07)
Always a pleasure to deal with WPG. I was curious about this bd and had to get one. The material is lighter than regular denim for jeans and very soft to the touch. The pattern is dead on. Compared to my original 1939-40 bd the coulour is maybe a tad too light and almost yellowish-green. The buckle as mentioned elsewhere has to be replaced as the teeth will ruin the belt completely otherwise. I did the forbidden thing and washed it in the washing machine with the 40 degrees Celcius program. The result was that it shrunk at least one size! So now unfortunately the sleeves are way too short. It will fit my girlfriend instead so....there it goes.

Perris - SE
Excellent Quality (2020-10-01)
Top quality denim jacket! Details very nicely made. DO NOT WASH IT!!!!! They will shrink significantly!

Reid - US
Fast delivery, well made but... (2020-07-19)
The belt buckle clasp on this tunic has serrations which tears at the cotton belt when it is cinched. I had bought one of these jackets ~ 6 years and the buckle was fine then. I don't understand why such a buckle would used on this garment. Also, the product description does not mention the fabric is not preshrunk so if washed and dried the jacket will shrink ~ 2 sizes. So if the buckle is not an issue, buy this item two sizes larger than you need.

Maddox - US
Shipping in just 48 hours! (2020-04-24)
Jacket is amazing. Took only 48 hours to deliver. 2 Thumbs up!

Vogel - DE
Got a couple more (2019-07-22)
To correct my previous entry, I usually order size
42 (not 32) and got a 48 (not 38) this time around.
I just ordered a couple size 46 for family members,
impressed with the product. Very nice...

Jalbert - CA
Lovely Denim Jacket (2019-06-16)
It's a really really nice denim jacket, I love it.
Very clean, my brother wants one too now!
I'll have to get him one for his B-Day next July.

It's rather light, stylish, a somewhat unique texture/feel
to the material, quite a unique item, as I have bought
quite a few from WPG over the years.

The buttons are really cool, especially the back.
I wish WPG would post a close-up of them.
No other item I got from WPG is like that, button wise.
That was the unexpected icing on the cake.

The metal belt is a bit 'aggressive'.
I'd recommend filing/smoothing it quite a bit,
so it won't tear through the material in the long run.

I usually order size 32 with WPG,
but this item at size 32, I could not get in!
It's an unusual tight fit.

I had to exchange and get a massive size 38 for me.
Big thanks to Wajed for his usual helpful hand in this matter.

A size 37 would have been ideal for me.
Hence beware, make sure to order much larger than usual.
Something like 4 or 5 units larger than your usual.
Your mileage may vary, of course.
That's the risk when ordering online,
but this item is well worth it.

Another nice creation from WPG!

FranJal - CA