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Great denim trousers (2021-10-24)
Perfect fit and accurately marked. Perfect for my CCC impression. Legs are long so I rolled them up just like in historical photos. Shipping was right on time.

Albers - US
Great Quality (2021-09-03)
I had a set of reproduction M1919 denim fatgues from another source from a few years ago, and well made. But I got a WPG set after hearing of better differences ... and I'm happy I did. The weight of the WPG denim is heavier, matching an original pair a friend has, and should last in actual use longer. This is the 'go to' for doing CCC!

Ragan - US
Good so far (2021-06-10)
Sizing seems spot on, as another review mentioned the stitching is more blue than white and they feel a bit thin. Hopefully they should stand up to moderate use.

Eric - US
Excellent (2020-10-23)
Thank you for the great retro trousers!

Nelson - US
Very great stuff. Cool Jeans (2020-10-08)
Very great stuff. Cool Jeans.
Fast delivery 🚚

Uebelmann - DE
fast delivery (2020-04-28)
Well made pants, denim is a tad thin though. These are very big and wide, fit is a bit large overall. They do shrink down after being laundered.

bar - US
1919 denim trousers (2020-04-07)
Really well made. These are BIG though, even after washing, so I probably could have gone down a size. Stitching is blue not white as in the photos.The buttons are perfect. Will need to hem them as they were made long for a general fit.

Steve - NC-USA
Impressive! (2020-03-30)
Really pleased with the accuracy & quality. Excellent product! Thanks!

Barno - US
Amazing (2020-01-07)
You hit the ball out of the park opn these! Very well constructed denim. if you have a belly Id get one size larger as technically these are made for yourwaist not hips (just like originals) they look ok on hips too

Lee - Pennsylvania USA
seem to be high quality, very fast shipping (2020-01-03)
The fly buttons need better sewing, otherwise very nice & I've worn them about one week. Comfortable & a nice fit. Good Buy !

Polk - US
Excellent reproduction but... (2019-11-03)
My pair have blown out around where the waist band meets the legs, just above where the outer label is. Not a problem as I can easily fix them but it's a big rip. I only wore them twice as casual jeans.
I encourage everyone to check the seams when you receive yours. Some areas may need reinforcing.

Andrew - Connecticut, USA
Great Product/Great Service (2019-11-01)
Received my denim 1919 trousers...Excellent to say the least!!!

Rock - US
Arrived today (2019-09-27)
Outstanding. Order a pair of 34's...waist is a dead on match for size. The inseam is at least 32". Will wash in cold water and air dry to keep shrinking minimal. Great quality for the money.

Ty - USA