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Excellent (2020-07-27)
All OK, received my order fast, thank you for the outstanding service
and great product line.

Jordan - US
Great (2020-05-05)
I ordered the early vietnam shirt to replace a korean war era shirt i have worn for 30 years. Except for the buttons being off color which I will replace, the shirt is great. The sateen is not as sharp as a new 1951 shirt, but easily pass for one after it has been washed a couple of times. I am very pleased!

Sites - US
Nice (2019-12-01)
Hi, I was so glad that someone finally made a reproduction of the early Vietnam sateen shirt and gladder that it is in my size. That was awesome!’ I think this is a pretty good reproduction for I don’t have an original to compare it too. I am pleased and may possibly buy 2 more soon,
Thank you
Scott W

Wojcikiewicz - US
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