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Authentic ERDL (2024-01-08)
Let me respond to another reviewer and say that ERDL camouflage pattern was known for having faded uneven edges instead of being sharply defined like woodland. There’s a great YouTube video about the history of ERDL camo pattern, which was originally developed in 1948. As far as the length, military trousers are made to be bloused or tucked in the boots so they tend to be long. You can take them to your local dry cleaners and get them hemmed up for $15-$20. Wives and mothers used to be able to hem trousers up but women aren’t like they used to be.
Anyway, these are very authentic green dominant ERDL and I don’t know of anyone else making ERDL like this. I was amazed at how quickly they arrived after I ordered them. It took less than a week from United Arab Emirates to Maryland. Also they came via FEDEX, which was perfect. DHL can’t seem to find my house and the US Postal Service are so incompetent they either lose the package or refuse to deliver it. FEDEX is the way to go.

Spence - US
Black is bleeding a bit and the legs are too long (2023-10-26)
So I got them and noticed the edge of the black print was slightly faded or was bleeding away. Might fix after washing but idk. Legs are too long. I ordered a large and they come down over my feet. I am 5'10, and have put on a bit of weight and am now at a 38 in the waist. I however cannot imagine the medium sized pants is that muvh shorter. Like a foot of material would have to removed. Yes I could roll them up and tie them but it wont look as nice. So yes I think a leg measurement should be given or different cuts offered.

Dillon - United States
Great item (2023-07-31)
Am so pleased I ordered these they look really good and fit really well and have a nice long leg. Delivery time was excellent as well

Lailey - UK
ERDL pants (2023-06-20)
Pants are great. Fit to size, ripstop material, and like everything else from WPG..high quality all the way around.

bailey - US
Awsome repo and fast delivery (2022-06-23)
The pant are nicely done and fit well

Maley - CA
Great Product and Fast Shipment (2020-05-30)
The Product was excellent. And the shipment was incredibly fast for coming halfway around the world. Thank you very much.

Rogelio - US
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