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Excellent (2020-07-21)
Outstanding service and product, thank you for sending it so fast.

Jordan - US
Vietnam Era Fatigue set (2020-05-27)
Fast delivery. This is spot on. I got it to compliment my APH-5 Helicopter helmet. Looks like it just walked off of Go Tell the Spartans or We Were Soldiers. Great product. Wears and feels like the originals.

Self - US
Great Reproduction (2020-03-07)
Nice addition to your inventory! Well made, correctly sized, and reasonably priced. Very close to the increasingly hard to find originals. As always, great service and fast delivery! Thanks!

Lamb - US
OG-107 Sateen Fatigues (2020-01-03)
Sizing is accurate to the listed measurements. Material and finish is spot on to my originals from 1959. Well done, Jerry!

John - Virginia, US