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Amazed (2020-10-29)
Superb quality lightning fast delivery

linduff  - US
Nice item of clothing (2020-09-26)
Very nice item and fine delivery....

Isenhart - US
Awesome Jacket (2020-04-29)
Received mine as a gift today, it warms warm and tried it on right away. Fit great. 42, my chest isn't 42 but shoulders are wide. We took a long hike in the woods and spent a couple hours doing barn chores then some hours digging. It felt good, fits great. It's gonna be my go to work shirt.

Duane - Upstate new york
1908 blue denim shirt (2020-04-07)
Top of the line reproduction!!

northrup - US
Outstanding (2020-03-05)
Very well made and very comfortable to wear, oustanding repro.

Thomas - CA
Fantastic - FAST delivery (2020-02-29)
Love it. Great, substantially made repro of the early 1900s Fatigue jacket. I think the sleeves are a bit long on the XL (and I have a 34" arm length on a civilian shirt) but that's okay since they can be rolled up. Overall - outstanding product.

Callaham - US